Have John, Denise and PC been here lately?

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Hi again danger boys and danger girls,

it's been a long time since I've been around. Long story...

I just wondered, have Denise P, John Rafter and Peter Chung been around on this list recently. I know they were regular visitors at one point.

What's brought all this on? I just got a Dazzle DVCII for my PC and I've been archiving all my crumbly old videos onto VCD and DVD. As I don't have any Aeon on DVD (and they only did the first one anyway) it's nice to see them again on disc. Nice also to have the opportunity to watch all three vids end to end. The happiest four hours of recent times for this puppy.

best to all Monican agents out there


-- Phil South (phil@ideasincluded.co.uk), July 10, 2002

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