MJ in the new Halloween Movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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this is not a question this is a news flash.Well I was on one of my fav MJ sites and one girl wrote in that MJ is going to be in the new Halloween movie. He will be playing Mike Myers long lost brother! but I must warn you this might not be true.(I hope it's true!)The girl who told us about it said she did not remember the name of the site but she is trying to find it again! I hope she finds it and I will write back the minute I hear about it! and if you want to hear what she had to say here is the name and address of this site its name is Michael jackson the essence of Love *SIGH* (I LLLOOOVVVEE THAT NAME!!!!!!!!!)and the address is www.mjeol.com but just in case I might be wrong I'll write back and let you know!

see ya

MJ you light up my life!!!!!!!!! I love you 4ever&ever!!!!!!!

-- Anonymous, July 08, 2002


I am sorry to say that the MJ Halloween thing is not true! but I will still keep some fath maybe it could happen but I don't think it will! but there is hope and anyway MJ is starting to make movies even if it takes a long while to get them done! It's worth the wait!

sorry if I got your hopes up trust me you not alone I am sad too!

I LOVE MJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ps. don't blame the girl that I got this info from it's not her fault she made a mistake and she admits to it and she was not out to prove anything. She just wanted to share infromation about our beloved MJ who can blame her! I love talking about MJ and sharing info with people but I don't spread rumours thats just wrong!and she dose not ethather!(I may not know her personly but I am very sure of that) I hope you not mad at me but I don't blame you if you are! please forgive me! I will still wach a new halloween movie even if MJ is not in it! I love horror movies

see ya and sorry about the mix up!

-- Anonymous, July 14, 2002

the girl remember the name of the site it's www.myersmuseum.com and click on this thing that says new contest! and you will know were to go from there good luck! but I must warn you this still might not be true it could be a bad joke for all we know! but don't blame the girl who told us this it's not her fault if it turns out to be a joke. I hope it's true! I would love to see MJ in a movie again!

SO SEE YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I Love MJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-- Anonymous, July 13, 2002

I was somewhat wrong! he is going to be in part 10 of the Halloween movies and this on coming up is part 9 sorry about that!

see ya

I love MJ

-- Anonymous, July 09, 2002

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