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Checking out my Frank Frazetta book today I saw a painting of Shi in there by Frazetta. I tried to find the column where Shi was first put on this forum by Christy, but I just couldn't. If I remember correctly it was some deal about a contest between Shi vs Aeon Flux, (and I think Aeon won). Trying to figure out why Frazetta did this painting for Crusade Comics, because she was William Tucci's creation. I wonder if she'll ever get as far as animation?

-- Barb e. (, July 07, 2002


Wow Shi, I haven't heard that name in quite awhile. As far as a movie goes I heard Bill Tucci tried shopping around the script for a live action flick with Tia Carrere but that the realtionship with studio soured during final negotiations. That was like 2 years ago.

-- Leslie Daenjuersli (, March 06, 2003.

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