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Since three quarters of the railroad lines in Calif (especially srn calif) are now UP, the same old maps that have been in the Calif Region TT for years, are becoming pretty useless. The constant renaming of the RR lines by Uncle Pete hasn't helped either.

How about: 1. Putting line heritage in parenthasis under today's official UP names. For instance, Alhambra sub (former SP main), or Wilmington Sub (former PE wilmington line), or Oakland Sub (former WP main). This would be very helpful, especially when the UP decides to change the names of the lines again.

2. More maps like the one on page 13, Calif TT #13, which has the RR lines labeled, as well as other locations listed in the Timetables. Also would be nice to have 1 or 2 maps that cover all of San Jose thru Sacramento (it's partially covered now, with lots of little maps)

-- Beth Marshall (, July 07, 2002


The problem with maps, this is a timetable, not a map book. I find it very difficult to follow the lines by using the old names. Adding is not possible without going to another bindery which would increase the cost quite a bit. the eight color pages alone is half the cost of pressing the book.

The only way more black and white maps can be added is by removing something. I keep voting to get rid of the rosters, I consider them useless. Next person suggests getting ride of the symbols, I consider them very important. I considered making two editions, a northern and southern California editions, it wouldn't be profitable and many people said they wouldn't buy both.

So for now, with the various suggestions I've had or what I have been able to devise, no happy medium has been found...


-- (, July 29, 2002.

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