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Just a few hours ago I returned home from Charlotte, NC., and Congress 2002. It was truly a MAHVELOUS experience (I guess that's sort of a trademark for Bishop Talbot, chair of the Commission of Christian Ed.) In an earlier posting, I gave this title to Bishop Webster, as he is the one in the brochure, so I was quite surprised to see that Bishop Talbot now had this position. I learned that it was changed following the death of Bishop Ming as some positions were shifted. Bishop Webster did attend part of the Congress.

Dr. Kenneth Hill and his lovely wife, Roberta (now DR. Roberta), and their team again put together one of the finest, meaningful, and helpful, series of meetings in all AMEism. As time permits, I will post some details.

An unexpected pleasure was to meet Bro. Bill Dickens as I was just by chance standing in front of him in a registration line. He did not yet have on a name tag, but recognized my name....made me feel almost famous. :-) I was waiting for him to introduce the lovely female Dickens who was standing behind him, but it turned out, she was not with him. We can't say she's no relation as her husband, named William Dickens, and Bill Dickens are from neighboring communities???

I also had a chance to meet Jerry Turner and Bishop Grady. It was GREAT to hear, see, and chat with Bishop Anderson, my "second" favorite bishop of the Terrific Third. His "Festivals of the Holy Spirit" still remain in my mind as one of the BEST things to happen in the Third in my experiences...and I told him so. His lovely wife, Vivienne, is still just as charming.

Enuff for now. Peace.

-- Anonymous, July 07, 2002



The pleasure was all mine in meeting so many of my AME cyber-friends in person at the Congress. In addition to meeting you I meet Bob McCain, Rev. William Legolie, friends of Nalton Brangaman, "Queen" Esther Powers, Pat Thomas and many others. It is indeed a "scary thought" that there is another Bill Dickens in our Connection. Oh, and thanks for clarifying the relation between me and the other attractive Mrs. Dickens. For a brief moment I could understand how the Sultan of Brunei feels with so many wives :-) QED

-- Anonymous, July 08, 2002

I would just like to lift up a wonderful, beautiful, patient always right woman. Her name is Jenny Dickens she is the wife of Bill Dickens. Brother Bill is well known on the board and has many friends, but I think it is time the truth comes out about Bill. Before he got married, he wandered around lost. Re-reading "hooked on phonics" over and over again. His favorite singer was Englebert Humperdink and he had to be sedated when he found out that he could no longer wear polyester or high water plaid pants. You see things turned around for Bill when this beautiful awesome womancame into his life. Yes Bill travels to conventions but without Jenny you would have had to greet him with his high water plaid pants. So my a.m.e family please join me in thanking Mrs. Dickens and let's request that Bill buy his wife a very expensive Porshe for in many ways she has spared us from hearing Bill read out lour "Hooked on Phonics" We love you Jenny!

-- Anonymous, July 08, 2002

I have gotten private emails regarding the above post about my biological brother Bill Dickens. He an Jenny are very dear to my daughter and I for they were the first to welcome us into the denomination. They even called us and I have a special love for Jenny, The Dickens family have always shown the face of Christ to all they meet. Actually I am getting better for I have been trying to get Bill to buy his wife a sapphire. I must admit I did find it odd that many of you were laughing when reading about Bill's high water plaid pants. Remember though high water plaid pants are not mentioned in scripture we must forgive those who wore them before they found their wife. Hmm gee, I have a feeling Bill is going to get me big time. At Least I didn't mention his platform shoes; OOPS;- )

-- Anonymous, July 08, 2002

Dearest Denise:

I think you have confused me with our distinguished AME pastor from Milwaukee, WI, Ray Allen. If I recall Ray is frozen in a time zone (60s clothing) but I have been liberated from the "eleganza look" a long time ago (He that the Son has set free is free indeed :-)) Since we are stuyding the Book of Psalms and Proverbs this Quarter for Church School, permit me to introduce one of my proverbs. Clothing doth not maketh a man, but man maketh the clothing (I Dickens 17:45). We nerds have to bear a great burden because we are smart, savvy and curiously good-looking. I bear an additional burden because as you correctly note, I'm married to an attractive woman which by definition maketh me a marked man. You see not only do we nerds dominate membership in Phi Beta Kappa we are the toast of the aristocracy and symbolize the emotional and economic security which any Daughter of Sarah Allen would find simply irresistible. So, if you think your caricature will scare people away from me, fret not, because the opposite is true. As Austin Powers would say, Yea Baby!!! QED

-- Anonymous, July 08, 2002

Brother Bill alas, I have also been called a nerd. When I was in seminary I spent my early mornings with a study group called the friends of thomas aquinas and we reveled in conduting latin disputations on the theology of Aquinas. Yes I go to bed with my latin book and dream of the early church fathers. My daughter found my hidden stash of 1980's big earings replete with fake rhinestones and through them away. Ah the folly of youth, for these were real treasures that I bought from a blind korean woman on the streets of new york. I have worn sari's from Indian with high top sneakers and walked proudly with my latin books in hand. Yes my daughter has endured a lot growing up with a mother who dressed to the beat of a different oatmeal box. But it has made her strong, and though she only wears designer clothes. I am grateful she did not find my big wrestling belt that was popular in the late 70's for they are now back in fashion. Brother Bill, I wanted the world to know what Jenny has endured. And I am not ashamed to say publicly that I too have worn white socks, with high water pants like my brother bill. To all the nerds on the board let us unite. Open our closets and bring back the nehru jacket. I also say thank you Rev. Ray allen for keeping the "Huggy Bear look alive! (from the show starsky and hutch)P.S Aha, you said I portrayed a caricature of you Brother Bill, by saying that you are also saying I was telling the truth for a caricature is taking the essence of someone and exagerating it. I think Jerryl wants to borrow your Perry Como collection.

-- Anonymous, July 08, 2002

Thanks Bro. Bill for the kind words, it was indeed my pleasure to meet the great Bill Dickens....he was an awesome presenter at the I understand the meaning of 'don't mess with Bill'. The Congress was great, it is truly the premier learning experience of the church. All the workshops were well planned, presented and the content was valuable to the enhancement of Christian Education. If you missed it, you should make plans now to attend the Ministeries in Christian Education Meeting that will take place May 2-3 in Nashville, Tn. It is a mini version of the Congress and held yearly between Congresses.

-- Anonymous, July 09, 2002

To Bill and Denise....."Oh Behave...Yeah Baby!" I was unable to respond due to my watching Soul Train! I must admit that I have a pair of platforms from Flagg Brothers! Brother Bill, the cleaners called and left a message for you to pick up your powder blue with white trim leisure suit! Sister Denise....Afro Sheen is on sale this week! Peace to all of my brothers and sisters from the 70's!

-- Anonymous, July 10, 2002

I am so glad we can laugh and have fun on this discussion board! Can someone tell me what happened at the Christian Ed. Conference? Workshops, goals for next year etc. My daughter is our Christian Ed. Superintendent and any information that you have would be appreciated. I would especially like a Christian Ed. Superintendent to mentor us so that we will have a strong program in our church. Thanks!!

-- Anonymous, July 10, 2002

Greetings from the Motherland, Africa (South Africa). I just came home from Boston. The Rev. Dr. Leroy Attles, Pastor of St. Paul AME Church in Cambridge (and a long time friend) has invited me to his Church after the Christian Ed. Congress.

Let me first of all say thank you all for the prayers, wonderful hospitality and the friendships and new relationships that has been established. It was simply MARVELOUS to be in Charlotte. The Congress Theme and Workshops was outstanding and those who attended the workshop sessions, could learn much. The preaching was outstanding!

It was indeed good to meet with the BB-writers!

What is the possibility that the material presented in the workshops can be categorize, compiled and binded into a booklet? It could then be made available at a cost to those who attended and wanted to be in other workshops. It can be put to good use in our areas.

God Bless you All

-- Anonymous, July 11, 2002

It is wonderful to hear so many positive comments about the Christian Education Congress 2002. Rev Kenneth Hill and his wife Dr Roberta Hill and al those who worked with them are to be congratulated for a job well done. Sister Robin Porter Smith was the Workshop Chairperson, a very difficult task indeed with so many workshop going on and she too is to be commended. I joked with her throughout because a typo in the program had me listed as "Rev. Robert McCain". In a post above, Rev Legolie told us that he was invited by my Pastor, Rev LeRoy Attles, to visit our church. What he did not say was that he preached. He preached a powerful sermon
-- Anonymous, July 18, 2002

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