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I'm an English as a second language student and I hope someone will give me some hints on my essay because I can't total totally get it.

the question is like that:

Analyze Poe's "Philosophy of Composition" with concern for rhetorical straegies and devices. What is his purpose, and how successful is he in his pursuit?? (I need to hang in my essay about Poe next Monday and please reply a.s.a.p., THANKS!!)


-- Anonymous, July 06, 2002


Well start by rephrasing these question and make it simple to understand:

Analize how poe thinks his stories should be put together. Keep in mind he uses rhetorical strategies and devices. What is his purpose, and how successful is he in his pursuit??

i'm not a smart guy but i do know how teachers can make questions seem though. i believe rhetorical means that there's an effect and a cause like if a man steals a watch and he decides to go back to the store he stole it from the effect will be that he might get caught. this is a strategy he uses a lot also an effective device to keep you in suspense. Daniel

-- Anonymous, July 11, 2002

Well, I was off the point, rhetorically speaking- and with typos. Rhetoric is perusasive speech using in this case examples from contemporary literature(Caleb Williams) and jounrnalists in the intro. Having given examples for his thesis Poe demonstrates his own philosophical poetics giving a step by step rundown of the making of "The Raven." As each process is convincingly presented we are still left with a contrary feeling similar to "The Premature Burial" where Poe is also tweaking humourously his own penchants and interests. The passion he also insists is the mainstay of his poetic efforts seems downplayed so much for the cleverness that the bridge of artful ecstasy seems a bit shaky. Poe is often noted for hoaxing and not playing fair. The rhetorical device of compartmentalizing the subject seems rather breathtaking when the public was commonly presuming inspiration and meaning more than construction. Mockingly persuasive on the whole and meant to go right over the head of the simpler readers.

-- Anonymous, July 11, 2002

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