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I recently bought Apex 1200 from Circuit. It is not identifying VCDs it just says No Disc. Any clues? Thanks

-- Rajan (, July 06, 2002


Only older Apex AD 1200 DVD players play VCDs. If yours does not have a "VCD/CD" indicator light on the front, you have a newer model and VCD play has been disabled. When I went to Circuit City around here they had 20 newer and two odler ones in stock...

I bought an Apex AD 1200 (a week ago) that is an "old" model. Look at the box and ask for an Apex AD 1200 that does not have the yellow Kodak sticker. Alternatively if on the picture on the retail box you can see the "VCD" indicator light, you are fine and it will play VCDs.

For more info see

Hope this helps


-- Robert Apexbuyer (, July 07, 2002.

The reason APEX removed this support (according to an e-mail from their PR department) is because Phillips wanted $4 per player for VCD licensing, and Apex didn't feel like that was appropriate, so they ditched VCD support. BUT, they left in SVCD. One thing you can do to get around this if you have VCDs already burned and re-encoding the video (though keeping the bitrate lower to make it fit) is not convenient, is to use TMPEGEnc to demux the video, then remux it as MPEG-2 SVCD, then use Nero to burn it as a non-standard SVCD. The AD- 1200 will play such a disc without hassle, so this should be OK for most people.

-- Keilin Silverfox (, September 23, 2002.

Unfortunately you can no longer create svcds using nero without purchasing a plug-in =\

-- Alex Delano (, September 30, 2002.

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