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Dear Brothers and Sisters

I am both honoured and humbled to provide a recent update on this new Connectional Program approved by the General Conference in 2000. This week Sen. Rev. Dr. Leonard Santucci and I were joined by our consultants and brokers to one of our major carriers in a tiny place called Merril Wisconsin. God provided us the opportunity to have the highest rated Church Insurance carrier meet with us to plan the program for our Church. We were advised that the meetings would be difficult due to other issues the company had with the Church previously.

We flew all day to a meeting that started quite tense and ended quite amicably.

We are thanking God as we have been offered our Letter of Credit for the program. God is moving us forward and it is our prayer that before long we will finish this last stage and engage the Church in a new line of business with the potential to meet and exceed that which has been our prayers. Both Dr. Santucci and I need your prayers. This task is the most challenging I have ever undertaken. The enemy has rained down his fire upon us both. We will complete the work we believe God has called us for. Keep us in prayer that we might help the Connectional Church see a brighter and succesful time in the kingdom building of God.

Brother Bill I need your telephone number. I have recommended you for a position on the Board of Directors. Please pray about it. You have the education and knowledge we need.

God Bless You All

Blessings From Bermuda

-- Anonymous, July 05, 2002


I am an organization development specialist with a considerable background in risk management and the underwriting process. I am also a "student of the captive insurance organization." Probably the most significant task for the new entity is the development of a loss control philosophy and methodology to carry it out. The issues are: reducing exposures to loss, enhancing return on investment and doing it successfully with the smart use of the captive. I have developed a unique way to analyze organizations who are considering entry into the captive marketplace or entry into the insurance program of the captive. It combines OD practical analysis and the results of standard feasability studies. You may now wish to use it when you review and consult with various AME churches who wish to enter the insurance program.

You may also wish to expand the offerings of the captive to the congregations. Not necessarily the insurance coverages but the fringe benefits that you may structure and fund under the loss control expenses of the captive. Well designed wellness type programs could directly benefit your congregations and they would be confidential based on running them through an EAP format.

If you are interested, please contact me at your convenience. Of course, I offer my God given talents at no cost.

Leslie C. Johnson 301-651-5406

-- Anonymous, December 16, 2002

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