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We plan on picking up where our highschool left off. More bounce houses, more soda, and atractive females galore. We don't know when or if this will happen but Paul and I are in love with the idea. How bout you all?

-- Nick (, July 05, 2002


that all depends...

what kind of soda?

-- not an eternal senior (, July 08, 2002.

Ohhh yeeaaahhh?

"Soda" is whatever people can bring. Oh and the attractive females r for Paul and me only.... unless you bring more "Soda".


-- Nick (, July 11, 2002.

i may not know karate, but i know ka-razy!

beware, if you make it a beverage potluck, you may stray from your "sober" intentions.i, of course, would bring diet pepsi, the nectar of the gods.

-- imperial teen (, July 12, 2002.

Yeah. Drinking really is gay sex.

I am more partial to orange... but hey, to each his own I guess. -Nick

-- Nick (, July 13, 2002.

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