Where would you be without prayer?

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I work at a multidisciplinary facility in Richmond,Va. which provides services to the homeless population. Many of our clients receive counseling for anxiety, depression, substance abuse, etc. Quite frankly,counseling involves one listening empathically to another individual. On many occasions, people have done all the talking during a counseling session and replied that they feel so much better. Subsequently, they thanked the counselor and then departed.

I consider praying to God to be my counseling session. Have you thought about how many times a day you petition God at His throne of grace and mercy? Isn't it just so wonderful that whatever problem you have whether it's large or small you can talk to Him and He will be nonjudgemental and sympathetic? Isn't it wonderful that He does not get tired of hearing from you? As a matter of fact God wants to hear from us about all things. When I wake up in the morning and don't feel like going to work, I can whisper a simple prayer like "Help me Holy Ghost" and I feel like running on another day. I just thank God for the privilege of prayer.


-- Anonymous, July 05, 2002


Jazzman it is great to hear from you and I love your question "Where would you be without prayer?" I for one would not be alive. I share with the board a little while ago that I had a massive infection in my foot and a blood clot in my leg. I almost died, but it was the many prayers that I received that God answered with healing. My prayer for myself was that I would be allowed to be an A.M.E minister even if it met I would lose my foot. I did not want to stop preaching. My doctors call my foot the miracle foot!! For the doctor was preparing for amputation when the foot regenerated itself. The blood clot has come back. So once again keep me in prayer everyone. Jazzman thank you for the reminder of prayer and I pray that God will bless your ministry with the homeless. Thank you for all the hard work you do on their behalf.

-- Anonymous, July 05, 2002

Dear Rev. Denise A Christian Brother in Bermuda had an awful accident in February on his cycle in Bermuda. The damage to one foot was so bad there was a concern that he may not keep the foot because of the places it was broken. Infection and other issues were on the attack and the Brother never lost hope. I was honoured (British spelling) to have been one of the first called by his wife. We prayed that in the name of Jesus he would walk out of that Hospital on both feet and that God will get the Glory. Last week he did just that. Through pressure chambers and other forms of treatment God delivered the brothers foot.

I pray right now in the name of our Saviour and healer that God will have his way. That your strength be never shaken nor stirred. That you feel his power and that his will be done.

God Bless You Jazzman as I have missed your posting here. God Bless You Rev. Denise there is a word needed, This Sunday Morning.

Blessings to you all

-- Anonymous, July 05, 2002


Let me share something I have not shared on this Board because I didn't want sympathy and God deserved the praise. But now is the time for me to share with you what the people in my Conference and District already know. The answer is without prayer I now, literally, would be dead.

Three and one half years ago it was discovered that I had Sickle Cell and it had completely destroyed my spleen. The result being that any serious infection could prove to be fatal. So when I contracted pneumonia in February of 1999 it landed me in the hospital in intensive care, semi concience, and completely on life support.

On the last Sunday in February, 1999, the doctors told my family I had fluid on the brain, fluid on the spine and even though they could draw it off the fluid would return and I WOULD be dead in three days. They were also told that they should cosider removing my life support system as I was going to die.

Being Sunday, my family called the church and my pastor and church family, through prayer tears and supplication sought the Lord for my recovery. Thus today, 3 1/2 years later, I can tell you that God did what the doctors were unable to do. The fluid went away and three weeks later I left the hospital and came home. It was also feared tht I would still have severe brain damage but God deemed it not so.

In the process I completely lost my hearing and the sight in one eye. Before that time I was a music teacher and played for my church. However, since I could not hear I had to resign both positions. Yet God again gave me work to do. The pastor, in conjunction with the Christian Education Department allowed me to use my skills as a teacher to prepare and bring the weekly Youth Messages at each morning worship. This I did until the pastor retired and a new pastor was assigned. I also volunteered to teacher reading to children at a day care center operated by a sister A.M.E. Church on my Presiding Elder District and have done speaking engagements at others.

I was also elected to and hold the positions of Lay Director of the West Atlanta District Lay and Director of Public Relations for the Sixth Episcopal District Lay. The duties of these orginazations require me to do a quarterly publication, a quarterly workshop, and gave me the inspiration to build and maintenace of a District Lay website.

I have also been able to attend most of the meetings the church holds at every level. These include the six Annual Conference in the Episcopal District, all Lay Conventions and with the help of the late Bishop and Mrs. Ming the General Conference 2000, where I found a hotel 25 mile north of the Conference site. However, God sent his people (angles from around the Connection) who cared for me while I was there.

During the time I could not hear, I was also fortunate to find persons who volunteered to write all the sermons and deliberations of each event. Although I had to take an early retirement with not enough income, God has met all my needs of food, shelter and clothing and even recreation and travel in abudant supply. And yes, God still allows me to drive.

Finally, in October 2000, God allowed me to receive a cochlear implant, which cost in excess of $30,000. This my insurance paid in full. When the implant was healed and I was to be fitted with the hearing device, I asked the pastor and officers of the church to pray for me in accordance with James 5:14-15. Thus, in quiet prayer and the anointing of oil they did just that.

On December 15,2000,I went to have the hearing device fitted. It failed to work and the doctor and audiologist said, "We are sorry but you are one of two percent of persons who cannot benefit from this device. The operation was unsucessful and it does not work."

At this point, I literally cried before the Lord and said, "Lord you know I believe and I also know that your word and promises never fail. Please help me and hear my cry".

As, I sat in the waiting room prepared to leave, the audiologist saw my tears and said. "Wait come back I have called the Cochlear Company and have run a test on the computer and I want to try one thing more. When she did this she said, "Oh my God it works and you are going to hear today". Somebody say, HALLELUJAH!

Last week as I returned from Tampa, I was fitted with a new more up- to-date device which cost $5600 (without cost to me) and promises to improve what I am going to now hear. Although my hearing and site are not yet fully restored, and music is not yet possible for me to hear (I only hear rhythm and words), God is alive, He hears our prayers and the best is yet to come!

-- Anonymous, July 05, 2002

Robert you are miracle servant of God!!!! Thank you for your powerful testimony and your love for our denomination. And thank you for sharing your story, for I know it will give all of us the strength and courage to trust in the lord. What a blessing you are to all of us. I want to climb to the top of the rocky mountains and thank God for what he has done for you and all of his children. I cried when I read your post for it was so beautiful, I cried because you have the anointing of God upon you.

-- Anonymous, July 06, 2002

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