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I would like to thank Ms. Loretta Hill of the Debutante-Masters Commission for the hard work they are doing. This program is incredible and our church will institute it this fall. It is not a ball or cotillion. But is a spiritual life enhancing program for youth. There are classes on the Bible, ethics, health, nutrition, finances, abstinence, drug awareness, the history of the A.M.E church, our general officers and departments and Leadership training. There is even a class on etiquette. Wow!! This program is fantastic and I feel this will be a valuable tool for evangelism. I am excited to tell new families about this program. There is a dance but it is only one aspect of the program. Monies that are needed can be gotten from a souvenir book, patrons, fund raisers, parents, etc. I am so excited about this program I just want to shout to the lord that our denomination has this in place. Ms. Hill will be setting up a web page in the future. God bless you Ms. Hill for making our youth a priority!! She has emailed me lots of information if you would like to see it email me and I will forward it to you. Please keep this program in prayer and let us support this wonderful director. Does your church have a commission in place?

-- Anonymous, July 04, 2002

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