History of highway than ran through the Flint Creek area

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Does anybody have any info about the old gravel highway that runs east and west about a mile or so north from the current 412 around the Flint Creek area? I talked with a homeowner in the area , he told me that the state built the road shortly after statehood. There is an old iron bridge that crosses FlintCreek by the old Beck Mill, the road was and still is a gravel road. Does anyone know if this road was really ever a highway and did the road go into Arkansas? I discovered an old store building on the road to Colcord not far from the gravel highway, I was told that when the state built the gravel highway that the owner closed his store and built a new one next to the new highway by the old iron bridge. I guess much later that the current Scenic 412 was built south of the gravel highway.If any body has any info about what I wrote I would love to hear from you, I am planning to go back down there this weekend to try to find out more about the road and the area. I do this for my own interest and look forward hearing from someone. Robert Aaron, Sand Springs

-- Robert Aaron (robertaaron@webtv.net), July 04, 2002


Let me look at my 1930 state highway map and I'll get back to you.

-- Wes Kinsler (kinsler1@hotmail.com), October 22, 2002.

Robert, The old Beck Mill is part of cluster of buildings. One being a store, with a collasped roof. A jail, and a school house. Some home steads , livery , and others most no more then foundations,is part of the town of Silaom Springs Ok. (Yes) before the move to Arkansas, at the close of civil war. David Slaton Sr. Sacramento, Ca

-- David Slaton sr. (grmsvet@sbcglobal.net), August 15, 2003.

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