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Dear Masters, I am a software developer. I have an expertise in Visual Basic and Sql Server 7.0. I am facing only one problem and I want technical solution for that problem. I hope everybody will help me on the behalf of huminity. Here is the problem. First of all I want to tell you that The company for which I am going to develop this system That is Mediuam class. They can' spend extra money. THERE IS ONE HEAD OFFICE AND 5 SITE OFFICE which are far away from head office. Application software is only for Accounts system. They want daily updation of transactions into head office from all 5 site offices. Database is in SQL Server. I have an Idea of VPN, but they will never afford it. They only way I can use it that is Dialup networking.

Would anybody tell me how to implement it through this way???

Thanks in advance.

God Almighty will give you success in all your fields.



-- skr (rikleo2001@yahoo.com), July 04, 2002

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