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i have copied the bin and cue files onto cd with nero and on each cd it has 3 folders a ext folder a mpeg2 folder and a svcd folder is this normal?? now when i finish burning it and put it in my dvd drive it will not regonise it to play and it has no chapters on it even though they are in the svcd folder the only way i can play the file is to open my dvd player select open and then find the file and click open this is driving me batty can any one help me???

i have win98 and nero and soft dvd as my dvd player

-- dave (, July 03, 2002


It sounds like you have made an SVCD instead of a VCD. Some DVD players have problems playing SVCDs. Read for more info on the differences betwen SVCDs and VCDs.

You need to make a VCD. You can encode your movie to the following standards to ensure it is a VCD:

PAL Video: 1150 kbit/sec MPEG-1 352 x 288 pixels 25 frames/second

Audio: 224 kbit/sec MPEG-1 Layer2

NTSC Video: 1150 kbit/sec MPEG-1 352 x 240 pixels 29,97 frames/second 23,976 frames/second NTSC Film

Audio: 224 kbit/sec MPEG-1 Layer2

Regards Dean

-- Dean (, January 27, 2003.

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