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I just want to share some good news with you all that I simply cannot keep to myself. Actually there are two things I want to share so pardon the length of the post, but God deserves the praise.

As you are aware the report is that Americans are once again wondering if it is safe to fly since the first Independence Day following September 11 has come. On Sunday, June 23, I found myself in route to Tampa. As my plane left the ground I was in prayer and communication with God. As we talked, God spoke to me and said, "You know that people all over the world are afraid to fly". The irony is that these same persons say that they believe and trust in Me (God). As a result these persons choose to remain on the ground and drive thousands of miles because they think they will be safe. However, what they fail to see is that I (God) not only guide the eagle through the pathless air, but I (God) also guide the pilot and this weak machine. Additionally, I (God) hold Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Mars and the Earth, on which they supposedly drive in safety, in the palm of My (God) hands and guide them though endless space at a phenomenal speed.

So my response was AMEN! I sat back, relaxed and the next thing I knew I was on the ground in Tampa with not even a thud, and only knew the plane had landed because of the trust of the engines and the application of the brakes. The same was true on my return.

The second report is that the persons in my delegation were informed that a church in Tampa, Gregg Temple, was holding their Annual Lay Day. So we decided to attend. Seated next to me was a wonderful lady, an AME Minister, who was in route from California. We also asked her to come along. Since the plane arrived at 10:30 we didn't even have time to check into the hotel. We were met by the Transportation Committee of the 11th District who took us to the church.

The interesting thing is that Gregg is a small congregation, but the Local Lay President was a person respected not only at her church but also across the Connection. So,God blessed the worship of these loving people.

The beauty of a Connectional Church became apparent when we discovered that the speaker was the President of the 4th Episcopal District Lay. Also present were members of the organized Lay from the entire A.M.E. Church. These included most of the officers of the Connection Lay Organization as well as many officers from several Episcopal District Lay Organizations, Presiding Elder District Lay Organizations and Local Lay Organizations around the world. These persons were not only present in worship but many were also given a part in the Order of Worship. This small gathering of approximately 60 persons presented and offering which exceeded $1000. To show their appreciation and gratitude, the pastor and members treated all their guests to a family restaurant for a real "sho nuff" home cooked meal. (SMILE--Rev. Denise).

We were then taken to our hotel in order to check in and prepare for the Opening Worship, where I was pleased to meet Rev. Joyce and once again meet Brother Bill. God is truly good, alive and well in the African Methodist Episcopal Church. As the Connectional Lay President remarked, "This is truly the A.M.E. Church at work. Where two or three or gathered in His Name, He is on in our midst" This makes one truly proud to be an A.M.E. The entire week was both inspiring and blessed.

One thing more:

I love the ocean and as I sat one day in a restaurant in Tampa, I saw, on the walls, a display of lighthouses on the East Coast. God again spoke to me in the word of that great hymn. "Brightly Beams Our Father's Mercy".

Somebody ought to say, AMEN, HALLELUJAH, PRAISE THE LORD!

-- Anonymous, July 02, 2002


Robert what a wonderful praise report!!! I could feel God's hands all over you. Robert I have been dieting since december and I have lost a lot of weight so I am so happy you are so good to help me stay on my diet;-)

-- Anonymous, July 02, 2002

Brother Matthews

The President of the 4th District Lay Organization, Sister Mary Banks- Wright, was NOT the speaker for Lay Day at Gregg Tample in Tampa....she was in Tampa but not at Gregg Tample.

-- Anonymous, July 03, 2002

Sister Bivens,

Thanks for the Correction. You are exactly right. This was an oversight which, in my haste, I failed to correct. The able speaker at Gregg was, in fact, Brother Theodore Harris who is a member of the 4th Episcopal District and who lives in Detroit. To God Be the Glory!

-- Anonymous, July 03, 2002

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