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It's a new CD from a new band a friend of mine started. It really rocks! Nice to hear someone still putting out the music of our youth! Actually I think John is about our age anyway. There are sample songs on the website, but I guarantee the whole album is good. If anyone is interested in a copy (just can't play it in front of the kids) let me know!

-- Anonymous, July 02, 2002


You're right Chipper. Glad I didn't preview that one in front of the kids. Great sound. Much like the P boys, without the horns, but with plenty of guts. Would like to dance to it live. I don't know who I'd be dancing WITH tho, Kate came into the room when I was listening to it and curled her lip. I find this strange as she's the AC/DC and Whitesnake fan in the family, and Super 8 Cumshot is too filthy? Go figger. Where is everybody else? I just checked on tickets for the reunion. We're going to write to Kate's gramma to double check the dates, but so far it's looking like the 16, 17 is a go. Think the cumshots would play a private gig? It was listening to that sample when it occurred to me for the first time just how divergent our paths that we set off down have been that have led me to be a boring frazzled dad with a million kids and you slinging drinks to homosexuals in Chicago. Don't you wish we could trade places for, say, a week? No, you probably don't. Love ya man.

-- Anonymous, July 12, 2002

I can't do it. Everything sets up to play it and then it just parks...oh, dwell...

-- Anonymous, July 14, 2002

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