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BRILLIANT sites for locating old friends I have cum across on the internet and through these especially 'Fruiendsreunited' I am in contact with so many friends & long lost family, as well as a couple of ex neighbours.

WWW.Friendsreunited.Co.Uk is a BRILLIANT site to sign up to, as it is so popular, and I can almost gaurantee you will know at least one person listed there, though probably a lot more, it is FREE, they only ask for a 5 members fee if you wish to e-mail someone listed there, and I think this has only recently been introduced due to people getting abusive e-mail, otherwise it is free to enlist and leave your name for others to contact you...

another good UK message board is: UKLOOKUP there are loads who have left messages there desperately trying to find people.

another I've come across is: UK KNOWHERE GUIDE, you go there and look at 'contents of Knowhere' which has a list of message boards for every UK town!

UK Genealogy Forum is another good un if you are looking to trace your family tree and want to swop info with others doing the same name research.

it is honestly worth browsing through all of these sites cos you never know someone could be wondering what become of you, and trying to look you up..

-- Chelsea Whibley (, July 02, 2002


cybersex with married men-i'm sorry

sorry to anyone who got hurt because of me having cybersex with their husband, yes i did it, i'm not proud especially since a woman found my pic on their computer and two verrrry sexy emails, and she sent me a very angry email, and told me to read these sites about internet affairs, apparently cybersex affairs has become very common and yet has messed up so many marriages! it didn't occur to me that what i was doing was serious, to me it was just a bit of fun, the pic wasn't even of me, it was of my mum's stepsister who is two years my senior but prettier. one site full of messages left by ex-married men and women did particularly bring home what i'd been doing was.


i can only say that i am not proud of what i did, i didn't mean to upset anybody, but i can't believe so many naive women out there, their husbands just spin em a cocknball story that they are doing something worthwhile on here like checking bets, or other stuff, often say they are downloading, the games rooms are the best place, i'm really really sorry to all you naive women out there, but beware married women do it as well.


-- Tanya Bond (, January 08, 2003.

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