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In just a few more hours, I, along with other adults and youth from historic St. Paul AME, Columbus, in the Terrific Third District, will be on our way to Charlotte, NC, for the Congress 2002. The theme is "Teaching and Technology that Make a Difference."

Please pray for the conference and for travelling safety for all who will be attending. It wouldn't hurt to also pray for some more comfortable weather as it has been 90+ there (and in Columbus, too) for the past several days.

We're expecting a very good Congress...and OUR bishop, Robert. Vaughn Webster is Christian Ed. Chairman, though he has not really promoted the Congress. Possibly because the 3rd Districh has its on congress the last week in July at historic Wilberforce U.

Speaking of WU., today, I received a press release from WU announcing that the Rev. Dr. Floyd Flake "has accepted a one-year appointment as president of Wilberforce University. He will begin his duties July 1 of the the current year." The current president (actually former, now), Dr. John L. Henderson retired on June 30 after alomost 15 years and he has done a MARVELOUS job. The campus has taken on a new look under his leadership and it's my understanding that the quality of instruction and education has also improved.

Ironically, I first met Floyd when he was a WU student and we both attended and shared a room for the Congress when it was in Atlanta in 19?? - sometime in the 60's. At that Congress, a young man by the name of McKinley Young ran for and was elected connectional president of what was then the Richard Allen Youth Council - the same McKinley who is now a bishop. And now it can be told -- I did not vote for Young. Instead, I supported an underdog candidate (much to the chagrin of our "delegation leaders" who had pledged Ohio Conference votes to Young) named Emmanuel Goss. They tried to explain to me the importance of "horse trading" [term used by one of our leaders] for votes and sticking with the delegation rather than "voting your heart" for whom you think is the best candidate.

That was my first experience with church politics and it left a sour taste in my mouth that remained for a very long time. Thankfully, Edgar Mack eliminated the heavy politicking for the Richard Allen Youth Council offices.

-- Anonymous, July 02, 2002

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