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I was just wondering if anyone had any good ideas of ways to find clients. I live in a smaller town where not many people have heard of doulas. I'd love to hear any ideas you may have. Don't hesitate to e-mail me. THANKS!!

-- Amber Brodersen (, July 01, 2002


Hi Amber! Where are you located? My first suggestion would be to research and see if you can find another doula in your area to talk to and possibly learn from (depending on your experience level!). Talk to childbirth and breastfeeding educators in your area and possibly even the labor nurses at the local hospitals. Also, see if there are any midwives in your area as they can be excellent sources of referrals. You can also check with some local ob practices, as they tend to be overflowing with pregnant ladies! lol Try putting up some flyers at visible public places, especially those where pregnant women are likely to frequent. Email me if you'd like to exchange ideas! Good luck to you!

-- Candi Hilton (, July 01, 2002.

Hi Amber!

I live in an area that is just getting familiar with what a doula is, and I have just begun to work as a doula. I have found so far that talking to everyone and their brother and their dog has helped me get the word around! LOL. I am starting a pregnant belly masking service and the more I talk about a subject that noone has ever heard about, the more people there are that know after! I agree about the flyers! that was going to be my next step, in the pregnancy care center, in the birthing center, shopping centers, grocery stores, places that women shop! I would have a very short explanation of what a doula is on them, as many people still don't know! That's changing though!!!! Good luck, and I could always use advice myself!

~~Cassie Sala

-- Cassie Sala (, August 24, 2002.

I live in a small town too - I have a brochure and contacted the doctors offices, childbirth classes.. and am not getting a lot of support. I attended the childbirth class for certification and asked if I could return to furture classes to introduce myself just let women know this service is available - she told me no - in another near by town she also told me no. I contacted offices managers about having my brochure available and getting the run around. Am I not doing this right??? I want clients and am willing to drive, willing to educate, willing to volunteer - I contacted a local air base to volunteer to military moms to be and no one from the office has gotten back with me. A little disappointed and frustrated. HELP.

-- Rita Lightle (, March 27, 2003.

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