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We are a couple from the UK planning to climb up Mt.Kenya in August. We would like to climb the North Face Standard Route up Batian. Like Christian, the Austrian chap, flying out in September, we are worrying about getting all the stuff we need for the climb over on the aeroplane, and were wondering what the chances were like of hiring outdoor equipment in Nairobi, such as walking poles, tent, and other camping equipment. We would bring all our climbing gear ourselves. Are there any agencies or outdoor shops which offer this service? My other question is regarding the best sort of stove to use on the mountain. Does anyone have any experience of using Meths at altitude? Does it work okay? Or are we better off using Camping Gaz? Again, is it possible to hire a suitable (lightweight) stove to take with us? Many thanks for any advice or suggestions you can offer, Louise

-- Louise Teale (, July 01, 2002


Hello Louise, I imagine you're nearly packed for your trip by now. My wife and I are also planning on the N.face standard route, but in October. I'm curious what you thought of the route. Maybe when you return, you might fill us in on some details? Any routefinding problems? Did you descend the route? Did you bivi on the route? How did you manage transportation to the trailhead? Thanks! In answer to one of your querries, we had good performance on the summit of nelion a few years ago with a MSR multifuel stove. Good luck on your climb. Safari njema. Bob

-- Robert Eakle (, July 24, 2002.


You can hire camping equipment here, not sure about poles but tents yes. It would probably be easier to go through the Mt Kenya operators such as K&G in Naro Moru, they have this stuff. Remember though that unless you're going up the Chogoria route to can stay in huts or bandas all the way up.

As Bob said MSRs are the best, gas works well. Meths as a Trangia would be a bit slow. You could buy a cheap camping gas stove in the supermarkets in Nairobi. Or spend a little and get a cook to go with you, you'll get fed well.

-- Will (, July 31, 2002.

Hello Louise

Or shall i say "Jambo"! You can hire or buy all sorts of camping equipments in Nairobi from a shop called Atul's. They really helped me out and give you good guide of what to do when you climb. If you need any more details please do not hesitate to contact them. They are based in Central of Nairobi on Biashara Street.

-- Niraj (, February 26, 2004.

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