Will the Church still prioritize the Bench of 2004 from Africa and or other candidates outside the U.S

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Has there been any report or information concerning the report of last year that the Bishops Council will seek in incorporate Africans and or others from outside the United States in the composition of the new Bench of 2004. With at least 40 candidates for 7 positions should this be a question before some people spend money to run with no real chance?

What do you think?? Looking for responses!!

God Bless You

-- Anonymous, June 29, 2002


Nalton: My hope is that the 2004 Gen Con will adopt indigenous African leadership within our Zion. Speculation has it that at least 2 indigenous African clergy will be elected Bishop. This number may be unrealistic (considering the campaign costs). Nonetheless, I would favor our brothers and sisters overseas rallying around the strongest 2 candidates and encourage the weaker candidates to gracefully withdraw in order to maximize the likelihood of winning. I will be meeting with about 20 members from the 19th District in my church tomorrow. I will be teaching my Computer Church School Class and will direct them specifically to this question because of its importance and relevance. Thanks for the timely post and I will attempt to summarize my guests comments in a later post. QED

-- Anonymous, June 29, 2002

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