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I have a cheap Lenco cd-player supporting mp3-playback, vcd 1.1 & pcd(photo cd) 2.0 When trying to burn my own vcd's or photo cd's (with cd-burner) the burning software (Roxio, EZ-cd creator, Nero) automatically burn according to vcd 2.0-protocol.. now you see my problem .. if I burn my own vcd (strictly family stuff ;)) it will not compatible with my Lenco CD-Player

Is it possible to burn with older burning software ( software which is unaware of vcd 2.0, using only vcd 1.1? Or do you know of other solutions for this problem?

tanx in @vance

-- erwin plancke (, June 28, 2002



-- qais qarakazieg (, July 25, 2002.

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