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I have read through some old mail on this board regarding maladminstration of funds and corruptions. You know what the 'source' of our problems are, is because ministers are called to preach and businessmen ect, are called to do business ect.

People were talking about cars and houses being 'paid of' for 2-3 times, you know why because the members within the AME church are not allowed to practice their expertise in the church.

Like in my case, I have been a member of my church for more then 10 years, I have been active, I gave everything I had to the advantage of my beloved church. I planted and God did the growing part. I must say I am very good in business I did business administration for small clients that growed to listed clients today, some of them are trading on Wold markets today. I wanted to apply these same principles in a way that will work for the church, but when our new pastor was assigned 2 years ago he stopped all that. Today it heards to look back and see how the church lose its members,because what we tried to build in 10 years he broked down in less then 2 years. I believe that there are alot of people like me in the AME church around the globe, we are not allowed to do what we can do best. And these things will go on as long as we are ignored.

Just Imagine a group of highly qualified people gives a financial(including statistical report ie members) report to the church on a local/district/episcopal district level on a quarterly/yearly basis and these reports are reviewed and evaluation takes place, after which a backup plan is implimented to address certain issues within the church, to take the church to a higher level.

The members are like sharehloders of a company they need to have a right to inspect financial and statistical records(audited) of the church and to give advice.

We can be so strong if we can just make use of our people with different expertise ie. Just think about all the qualified music teachers within in the church. What if businessmen can work out a plan to use those skills of the music teachers within the church and at the same time trying to help the church financially on a global level and work towards it's plan for Salvation. Maybe my Vision for the church is to BIG.


-- Anonymous, June 28, 2002


Brother Jerome, Your vision for God's kingdom can never be too big (ask the founders of TBN if you don't beleive me).

It sounds like you are surrounded by Peters and Thomases, instead of Joshuas and Sampsons.

What does it say? Write the vision. Make it plain.

As long as you are building the kingdom, and not kingdom building (Already copyrighted this as a sermon title), God will move you to the garden where he wants his seed sown.

Hang in there!!!

-- Anonymous, July 08, 2002

Jerome, I enjoyed your point of people using their talents as a part of Kingdom building. I just feel the need to remind you that "the systems of our God do not work according to the systems of this world." In my ministry I have encountered opposition from credentialed individuals who could not appreciate that Kingdom principles are contrary to earthly principles. Best wishes.

-- Anonymous, July 11, 2002

Like the one answer says, kingdom building or building a kingdom? In my community's church, the minister talked his way into a big realestate deal for a new location, then told the board he wanted 30% of all monies raised or he would quit, they folded, but agreed to keep it a secret from the congregation. He made a fortune (over 4 million $ raised). But, they never told the congregation or asked. Now, anyone who questions his financial position with the church is fired or eliminated. Who investigates this stuff? What are the rules. If the comgregation owns the church, how can a board make big desicions knowing that the congregation would not

-- Anonymous, August 06, 2003

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