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Brothers and Sisters Just a brief note from the meeting (I am now home). I am thankful for the opportunity to attend and work at the meeting. The work I am involved with is the AME Reinsurance project. I was delighted to finally meet Professor QED. Dear Rev. Denise he is both an extremely educated man and quite young (no grey hairs even). I was able to meet others who both read and post on this board. The Banquet was quite fitting for Bishop Richardson and the facilities were first class.

Many were blessed with the Sunday worship services as the host pastors represented the 11th District very well. A most well organized meeting. My hat is tipped to the finance department and the volunteers who helped from day one with transpotation and tours at no charge. To those who speak to the "Lobby Association" it was alive and well. While there were many in the lobby there were even more working. Outstanding vendor section and campaign areas were present. Rev. Sandra Davis from the 10th District had the most professional presentation. Others were also quite well done. Many important issues were both discussed and agreed on during this meeting. I hope someone who was attending these areas can comment as I was working primarily in my area with Bishop Cousin.

-- Anonymous, June 27, 2002


I was too at the General Board and Bishops Council on Sunday and Monday. I had the opportunity to see many people I have not seen since last year. I had the opportunity to attend the Opening Plenary Session of the General Board and the Commission meetings of Christian Education and Global Witness and Ministry. As you well may know the Lobby Convention was in full force and effect. The mood of this meeting seemed to be very relaxed. As a canidate for the RAYAC, I was able to talk to several persons that are interested in an organized young adult Ministry in our church. I wished I could of been able to attend the Banquet and the worship services. It was a good meeting. All roads to North Carolina....

-- Anonymous, June 27, 2002

Brother Nalton we all know how young Bill Dickens is. For he is always reminding us;-) The person who should get the compliment is his beautiful wife and his kids that keep him on his toes!! Thanks for the report and I am glad your travels were safe. By the way Bro. Nalton Bill Dickens and my daughter are both alums of the same university so we adopted him into our family.

-- Anonymous, June 27, 2002

Brother Nalton is most gracious. It was uplifting talking with both he and the Dapper-Distinguished Senator Leonard Santucci about economic development. Together with Bishop Cousins they form an impressive triumvarite for ushering in much needed vision and constructive change for our Zion. The AME Reinsurance Program is actuarily sound and offers the fundamental benefits for clergy and lay alike. This is a rare win-win outcome. We need to move swiftly to eduate all of our members about the value of this product and adopt it soon because as the wise Cousins lamented, "others are eager to take the idea and run with it". QED

-- Anonymous, June 28, 2002

It is certainly delightful to hear of the pleasant meeting. I am glad all returned home safely. I had the rather distressing concern of travel this week when I sent my son to a camp on a bus in Texas, then heard that such a bus crashed. All is well for us, but please keep the families affected in prayer.

Brother Nalton, one minor correction. I believe, based on your description, that the candidate from the Tenth to whom you refer is the incomparable Rev. Sarah Davis, D. Min., Pastor of Bethel San Antonio, and connectional Director of Prayer Ministry under the auspices of Dr. Champion's Department of Church Growth and Development. She should have a web site soon, and when it emerges, I will add it to the Candidates List.

As for the "youthful" Dr. Dickens... :-) I look forward to seeing him next month.

-- Anonymous, June 28, 2002

Dear Brother Jerryl Thank you for the correction. You are quite correct and I appreciate your depth and insight to the candidates seeking office in 2004. God Bless You my Brother

-- Anonymous, June 29, 2002

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