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Hi all,

Any recommendations on tires for touring. In October I've got three trips planned which will total around 8,000 k's by the time I'm finished. The current tires last around 6,000 k's and are great but I don't want to waste a set in such a short time.


-- Matt Thompson (, June 26, 2002


Hello Matt,

Take a look at the Metzeler MEZ2 & MEZ4. These are classified as a "sport mileage" tire? I can't vouch for these specific tires performance first hand, but I have had nothing but good experiences in the past with Metzeler tires. As you probably know, Metzeler also makes the Rennsport which I hear is fantastic. Just a suggestion.


-- Todd Mazzola (, June 27, 2002.

For the money, you can't really beat the Dunlop D207 street tire. I've blasted them in the past because they aren't really a hardcore performance tire even though they come on some pretty fast bikes. However, they should do sport touring fine. Mine lasted about 6000 miles on my R1, and I beat them pretty hard a few times. But possibly the best thing about them is the price. Very cheap compared to good sticky tires. If you really try to ride at racetrack speed, you'll probably get a few slides though.

-- Andy Ruhl (, June 27, 2002.

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