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I am doing my thesis on poetry, and having something to do wtih architecture. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas about what a thesis could be involving Poe...I'm thinking something to do with "masque of the red death" any input would be very helpful. and soon...thanks

-- Anonymous, June 26, 2002


Architecture of claustrophobia, the inner mind? Usher, Pit and Pendulum, Masque, Amontillado- notice the constricted, limited arena of the mental struggle symbolic of the warring mind itself, especially in Usher. Good topic.

-- Anonymous, June 26, 2002


This is definitely a good topic to tackle. If, however, you are doing architecture in Poe's poetry (as distinct from his tales) you might profitably look at the poem 'The Haunted Palace' which was first included in _Usher_.

Much has been written on this poem and so should give you a good start. Good luck anyway.

-- Anonymous, June 27, 2002

Perhaps another hint for linking - bridging Poe, Poetry and Architecture is to point out Poe's often repeated theory of excellence in building any fictional plot. You could find it in his review of Bulwer's novel "Night and Morning" (1841), in his essay on "American Drama", in several items included in his "Marginalia", and even in "Eureka" (his concepts about the Architecture of the heavens and the Universe as a Plot of God). All these you will find on line, browsing at "www.eapoe.org" -- Works of Poe, amid his Literary Criticism &c, or with "Google", entering the references in "Advanced Research", with the word "plot". Try it, and enjoy the broad way Poe indicates to his courteous readers... Yours sincerely, Raven'Shade (Belgium).

-- Anonymous, June 30, 2002

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