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Motivating - The Power of Two June 25, 2002

Hi there.

I've got a few minutes this morning and I'm going to keep spending them sharing time and thoughts with you. I was really serious about "time carving" - I've worked HARD to have enough time in a very busy life to connect with *someone* that I care about.

The mistake I made in my marriage was not making certain that I continued to spend that time with and on my husband, even when we got outrageously busy and a little estranged, ensuring that the time we spent together could do the simple and natural work of entrainment - so many solutions lie in simple entrainment. Thus, the utility of kindness, and pleasantness and interesting spectra to relate through, for it facilitates entrainment, and settling into one another, and that just flows into working most of it out...

So, even though I'm getting into the busiest time I possibly can be, I'm making a promise to myself to continue to connect - and YOU'RE it!

I'm struck by the similarity of our needs for motivation right now. I woke up with the question: "What can I do that motivates both myself and Daniel to work really hard and generate the energy we both need to do our huge big super-pushes right now?"

I thought of lots of things.

But one thing that immediately stands out for me is that I get a huge rush inside just thinking of seeing you. And, as I look at that more closely, I realize that when I see you for the first time there's going to be a LOT going on.

I know that I'll want a lot of things - conditions - to be right when I see you. I want the freedom to be able to spend time with you, and make plans for later if I want to, without too much of my current life tangles interfering. That means finishing up - or at least furthering - lots of stuff right now.

I know that I'll want to feel VERY CLEAR inside myself. I'll do that if I'm carrying a strong sense of accomplishment because I've met a lot of goals over the summer, and finished an important chunk of my work.

So, it occurs to me that you are exactly the inspiration I need to work hard and get tasks done. You see, it's harder for me to motivate in a vacuum. I'm a natural partner. I work very independently, but I like to be doing my part inside a larger whole - sort of like a spoke under tension, an ultra-light on a finely tuned machine - and "forward" is a very important direction for me.

Today, tonight, tomorrow, this week, next month - each day could be FILLED with task, and each task is really important to do. With you in mind, and the option to dodge work and write to you or call you, and share my thoughts and feelings with someone who really cares, I somehow have more energy to stay on task.

I feel like taking care of myself. I feel like buckling down and doing the work, because I know that it all contributes to a better space when you and I finally get to hang out.

My list is huge. It's daunting. And there's no getting around any of it.

I have this set of inspired prioritization techniques (in order, no less) that I wrote down on and pasted on my wall, collected from years of trying to figure this out:

Touch essentials first

Clear a Path, a space to Work in.

Work from the edges of that space.

Touch essentials first

ReMove what must/should go - put it back into the stream

stuff for others

stuff that's in the way

Touch essentials first

Choose wisely what to keep

Keep little

RePlace what has a place

Place what needs a place

Touch essentials first

Just having you to share my days and experiences with, and to know that somedays I can just come here into the garden and write down what's going on, put it in my Anilogues, and know that you'll glance it over, and take it in, and have it in your files to someday refer to, maybe, when we're up close and personal, means a lot to me.

You don't have to respond to these now. You can do what you like, but just your eyes and the ears of your mind are a wonderful gift to me - like John's was, but so very much more...for you do respond, energetically, and I feel you. I'm certain that I feel YOU.

I felt so happy last night after I talked to you. I can barely begin to put it into words. You're very special. You listen. You talk. You have stuff to share. You hear. I didn't have ANYONE to tell my little chipmunk story to but you - not that would have heard it, and known something deeper about that story, and fed some of that back to me.

That's my own doing, and I don't regret it, because things like the chipmunk story come out when you're sitting quietly with someone, talking, and you meander into the deeper things and the stage is set for the pregnancy of meaning to unfold - you risk demeaning the significance of the story if you tell it any other way.

But with you, whether it's in these light pages or in our phone calls, I don't feel at risk of that. I know that you'll know that spirit was talking to me, and that I did a good thing by listening, and I know that you'll know that our world is better because I listened, and you listened, and the story did its bigger work - and in that, we two are even more bonded, and so that little chipmunk's broken foot (for I'm pretty sure that it ended up with a smashed back hinder, but its spine was ok and its little tail waved around, so I think - I prayed to the goddess - that it gets the luck it needs to heal) - becomes symbolic of our own woundedness.

It becomes an inspiration for both of us, reminding us that sometimes we're lying out in the middle of the hot street, knocked out and left for dead by some big unknown calamity, and then we get shoved back into gear because we HAVE TO SURVIVE and, moments later, someone is praying to us and with us, encouraging us to run into our forest and heal because that's the best option - and then we do.

So my dear. I guess this is all by way of saying that I'm loving our times together. I'm loving sharing with you. I'm loving the fact that you're inspiring me. I'm loving that the inspiration is becoming grounded in the energy of the planet. I'm loving that this is BIGGGGGER than I thought I had room for, and that I can handle it, and that you can handle it, and I bet the gods are tickled pink that you and I are ready to play with them (but we're going to play nice, yes? I'm a mouse playing with a lion, and I don't forget that for a moment - and if I do, I certainly don't want the lion to forget it...)

It's time for me to begin my day in earnest. I've got - and will DO - a huge amount of work today. I'm lighting a candle right now for our mutual clarity in accomplishment. Like the Halfway Moon, I see this wave of time from here to the Burning Man as a time of tremendous work and success for you and I. There are many moons - and I'll write them here, to steer by.

There are great "forces" at work that desire, as waves desire, as winds desire, as corn reaching up desires, to help us achieve the levels of order we're capable of manifesting - I KNOW this is true. They are our kin in this desire, and their energies are ours whenever we commit ourselves to move with purpose and go with the flow of a higher design.

I believe in the Power of Two. Start there/here, and more comes. We are Two. "Where two or more are gathered in My name..." You and I are gathering. We found a nexus. We have a shared spot to stand on - "give me a lever and a place to stand..." We can work together from Here...

We have two incredible months ahead of us and as we help each other with inspiration and reminders of our goodness and beauty, we will achieve incredible things in that time. Let's do it!

Much, and full of love,

Your GO girl.


: :: : : : :

-- Anonymous, June 25, 2002


Dear Daniel;

It was wonderful to talk with you last night. I have nice memories this morning. I think my favorite part was when we - you remember? - were dwelling on the hormones of it, and the rush of it, and the intensity of it, and then we could hardly speak (and then we couldn't) - and there was that place we went to that was deep and silent - and then we erupted into laughter.

I really like that about us.

I love the pictures you sent of yourself as a younger. I think that, had we found each other back then, we would probably have hooked up and never parted again. I like to imagine that we just came really close, but needed to keep on doing whatever it was we were onto until a different time came.

I'm having fun thinking that maybe when I see you first at Burning Man, I'll feel like we've just been on a couple of very long trips, and we'll have great stories to tell, kind of like the Red and the White brothers who parted and then were prophesied to return and share what they'd learned, so that the People could grow somewhere new.

I had a great and focused time after we hung up, and got a lot more done. I'm at a similar point in work that you are. I'm not doing final wrap up yet; I'm thick in the middle of all the work I need to do in order to GET to final wrap up. You are, too.

This is a VERY good week for that. It's the new moon today. Mercury's very well aspected.

One thing that we get to do every new moon is to play a new chord of intent that will resonate til the next new moon. So, if you'd like to REALLY work this next month, and get a LOT of your thesis' second draft done, this next two days will really set the tone of the next moon's phase.

I recommend good practical eating - lots of little energy oriented knoshes, generating focus and clarity of thought - perhaps green tea in the evenings (it's what the monks do), constant little bits of errand and practical task that ensure you keep life on track, and the BULK of all time spent on the ONE THING THAT MUST GET DONE.

(I'm writing this for me...)

Mercury can handle multi-tasking. Our Virgo risings will be happy that everything is getting a modicum of attention. Our Gemini parts will be thrilled that we're tackling HIGH matters. Our Aries will love the fact that we're putting our heads down and going for it. And our Cancer pieces will be happy that solutions are being generated, and progress is being made.

I was also thinking that perhaps we should stop saying that we've "met" over the internet. I think that does a disservice to us, and to our friends' ideas of who one another might be.

We shouldn't define ourselves by WHERE we recognized one another, unless the definition serves to describe each other more completely. Sometimes people ask "how did you meet?" and you might give them the MEANINGFUL context that brought you together.

When people ask me how I met you (for it's become obvious to a very few folk that I'm inspired and fed by love), I'm saying that I met you through the Earth Guardians working with Burning Man. When my mother and I talk, that's what I'll say. She'll ask what you do, and I'll tell her. She'll ask lots of things and I'll have lots of answers. She may never get around to asking if we've seen each other, just assuming that one can't know all we know about each other unless we HAVE met F2F.

But the fact that we've haven't shared presence yet is beside the point. AND we still need to remember that we're light beings - we may be the brunt of a cosmic joke/lesson that will deflate like a 5 cent balloon when we're in proximity. Let's keep making that ok, if that's how it turns out to be. Coyote is our packmate here, and we shouldn't forget it.

Of course, Coyote delights in the love of happy endings just like every other spirit, and even his lessons are prods further along that path.

So, have a great day. Re-read "Motivating and the Power of Two" in the garden. I wrote it for us.

Much love,

: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :

-- Anonymous, July 10, 2002

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