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I'm succesfully burning a slideshow with ~1000 jpg's on a VCD with Nero 5.5 on one track. Is it possible to distribute all these jpg's over more tracks than just one?

-- Jos Storken (, June 25, 2002


Still MPEGs on VCD do not conform to compliant MPEG track specs and so they, and all else that don't, will be confined all to one track. This is as per White Book standards. But why should this be a problem??

-- Mehmet Tekdemir (, June 26, 2002.

Mehmet -- But why should this be a problem??

I tried two DVD payers and can only move a single picture for/backward. Quite ennoying if you want to view picture 800 (example). This means pressing the forward button 800 times (*) or wait until the auto-slideshow finally gets there. Also it is not possible to jump back from the first to the last picture. If the pictures can be categorised in more tracks, its easy to change tracks (I assume).

(*) The function of most of the remote control buttons has changed to "next picture".

-- Jos Storken (, June 26, 2002.

Well i'm not as trained as Mehmet but i burned some Xmen cartoons with jpeg pictures in between each mpeg clip with Nero 5.5 i also added a menu and selected 10 seconds wait instead of infinate.

what happened was that when i put the vcd in my samsung DVD player i can either wait 10 seconds and it will move to the first clip and then in order... or press 4 or 5 on the remote and it will jump to that mpeg but if there was a jpeg before it, the dvd player with show the jpeg first as if it was part of the mpeg. This way i was able to chose what item i wanted.

-- Daniel (bonl1@cs.COM), June 26, 2002.

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