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Hello Experts, I'm using Digital Video Creator in my Pentium 4, 256 DDR RAM, 60 GB HDD, HP Writer 10x, Dazzle (DBC USB, External ) Capture Card and Sony VCR for VHS. I'm using WindowsMe operating software. I'm facing problems while capturing from VHS that is, No Preview during the recording/capturing even I check the option Preview while recording. But recording/capturing going well without preview. It is very necessary for me to preview during record/capture. I'm also facing synchronise problem with audio some times, it is not matching with the vedio. Hope find some solutions from all of you. Thanking you.

Nasim Dhaka, Bangladesh

-- Mohd Nasim Uddin (, June 23, 2002


Visit the site. you will find all the answer you need.

-- Jamst (, June 24, 2002.

You may need to close all programs running in the background to keep your video/audio in sync. Click on Start and go to RUN...type in on start...only keep systray box checked...restart computer...defrag harddrive...that should do it

-- Robert Parham (, September 28, 2002.

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