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I love Rhubarb and wondered if it can sucessfully be planted as far south as Greenbrier Arkansas. I overheard a customer tell his wife after I told her what I had in my hand, "you can only grow it up north". I am originally from N.W.Indiana and always had Rhubarb up there, but since moving here a few years ago I never gave much thought to planting Rhubarb here. Thanks! Lynn

-- Anonymous, June 23, 2002


Hi Lynn & Judy,

Most everyone says that Rhubarb can only be grown in the North. When ever someone tells me you can't grow this or that, I take it as a challenge :)

Rhubarb definitely has cultural requirements like any other plant, but with the right amount of effort and intervention, I would expect that you would be able to coax it along. Basically, the plants need to receive temperatures below 40F for dormancy and subsequent bud break and will grow up to about 90F. Above 90F the plants will stop growing.

I have plants scattered around our farm. The ones that are out receiving full sun do not do well in the heat of the summer. The ones that are planted in the area that my Grandmother used thrive. These plants receive morning sun but light filtered through trees throughout the remainder on the day.

I hope that this information helps.


Mike D. Victory Seed Co.

-- Anonymous, June 24, 2002

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