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Good morning, everyone.

I just wanted to drop a line to let you know what is happening in my life since I TA'd for Paul in 2000/2001.

Well, life has just not been the same. I've tried to move on, but it always comes back to Statistics. I can't read newspapers or research articles without wondering about where researchers get their data and just how reliable and valid the data are. My experience with STATS 2020 has wounded me for life - my critical eye, my analytic mind, and my thirst for the truth has ruined my ability to believe blindly all that I am fed by the media. Thanks, Paul!

Truthfully, I just finished my year in the Faculty of Education, Consecutive program. I received my Bachelor of Education this week. It was a gruelling year, but somehow I survived. I practice taught in two schools in York Region - Whitchurch Highlands Public School in a Grade 4/5, and Silver Pines Public School in a Grade 1/2.

I'm back working at St. Michael's Hospital for the summer. In September, I will be teaching Grade 1 at Crosby Heights Public School in Richmond Hill. So, who wants to come to my classroom and teach 27 little people how to count to 100? It's a far cry from an ANOVA, but it's just as challenging.

As well, Rob and I sold our condo in North York and we've bought a house in Markham - we're moving in August. More change!!

I look forward to chatting with other TA's in this forum.

Thanks for making it available to everyone, Paul.

Take care.


-- Anonymous, June 20, 2002

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