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Can I add a web link to a VCD or SVCD?

-- est (elke@cfl.rr.com), June 19, 2002


I believe thats not possible but what I would do is ad a readme file to the video cd folder,then burn it to another disc..

I hope that helps Alex www.Hypnotized.TV

-- Alexander Duvall (alex@hypnotized.TV), March 17, 2003.

With VCD Toolkit, you can add hotspots that take you to different sections, like a dvd. Since it isn't supported by Philips any longer, it would be really nice to get ahold of the source code of that program, so that software engineers/programmers like myself can add functions like adding html hyperlinks to it, amongst other things.

If anybody on here knows of any source code like this hanging around, please inform us, or post here. Thanks.

-- Dean Phillips (dean.phillips@4mymail.co.uk), April 24, 2003.

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