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I record from VCR(VHS,PAL system)with Dazzle DVCII in VCD template and burn VCD using NERO-5 and WINON 3.8 P.E. This VCD runs well on computer but when it is played on VCD player it plays only sound but no video(when VCD player is in PAL System mode). When I play VCD player in NTSE mode this VCD plays both Video and Audio but skipping frames.Please help me. Can some tell me what settings (in DAzzle DVCII) I should use to capture VCD format.

-- Rajveer Singh (, June 19, 2002


Check out -- sounds like your mpg is in the wrong format. Successful VCD's require that you create precisely the correct .mpg format before burning -- otherwise, it won't display. (TMPegEncoder does an excellent job of figuring this out for you.)

I use Pinnacle for capture, convert their proprietary .avi to standard .avi using Indeo code, then use TMPegEncoder to make .mpg, and it burns fine.

Good luck. Jim

-- Jim Sage (, July 01, 2002.

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