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The 1,2,3 Basics of Clean Up - suggested by Burning Man's Harley Dubois:

1. Clean as we go, recognizing that any trash or MOOP (matter out of place) can blow away or be buried at any moment.



The 7 and 11 clean up Theme (developed in May 2002):

Every day, every night - 7 am and 11 am, 7 pm and 11 pm - a 15 minute Cleaning Refrain begins. If we're very lucky, we'll hear the strains of some very distinctive MOOP Bump/MOOP House/MOOP Trance...

For at least 2 of these in every 24 hour period, (and we may even get some of our illustrious DJs to develop a musical theme to clean by hint, hint??) move your body in the MOOP WAVE dance.

If you feel so moved, CHANNEL the spirit of the MOOP Wave - let it roll through you like Time's Great Tsunami and bend your back to the the ground in worship - GET POSSESSED!!! Let our visitors be overwhelmed by the Spirit that Cleans all things. At 11 pm during parties this should be VERY VERY FUN.

Grab your personal decorated Floating World Theme MOOP sack - grab the stranger next to you - tell them it's MOOP time. Let them BORROW your EXTRA decorated Floating World Theme MOOP sack (because you have 2 - one to share and get back when your new friend is done).

This is not Personal Space tidy time. This is Group Space tidy time. Put on your Tiny Things eyes and go to any area in our site that may have traffic without EYES and pick stuff up.

Empty your sack immediately at the end of the your MOOP session. This is the MOOP offering. If you do this, even when you only have a little bit, it will make managing the larger MOOP pile collections easier.

2. Assign a crew to grid your camp (walking shoulder to shoulder in a line to cover every inch of your playa home) and do a sweep of your camp daily.


There is NO CREW. WE ARE THE CREW. The MOOP wave will be a contagious infectious dance that must be done in gloved regalia (decorate your cleaning gloves!). No one will be able to resist the Heart Waves MOOP Wave. No MOOP will be MOOP long. All stuff is sacred. All stuff has a place in the sacred space of the Camp. All little lost MOOPIES will be returned to their homes (or found new ones) as soon as they are spotted.

Pity the little lost MOOPIES. Help them find a HOME...

3. Clean more than just your camp. Take care of any trash left behind by others.


During each MOOP Wave, we can also have the MOOP GIFTING time. When strangers wander through our camp, give them offerings of MOOP to take back with them.

"Greetings, Heart Waves Temple Visitor. We are so happy that you have come to dance with us. Please accept our little MOOP token as a gift that represents our delight in seeing you." Then give them the MOOP for their bag - something small and treasurable, for example. Smile.

In the immortal words of PZ: "GOT MOOP?"

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-- cynthia (, June 19, 2002

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