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We're taking suggestions for the Clean Up Plan here. Just add them at the bottom and we'll make changes as we go along.

Remember, Heart Waves aspires to be a Leave No Trace theme camp - even though we're not TOTALLY sure what that means to the organizers of Burning Man yet (though details are forthcoming, and will be posted here) we know what it means to US.

It means that we leave the Playa, the Plain of our Earth Mother, as clean as we found her.

It means that when we dance under the stars and are grateful for the bodies we're given to dance transformation with, that we also remember that others will come after us who will also want to dance on CLEAN LIVING EARTH , and so we do our part.

It also means that we take some responsibility for those who've come before us and been less mindful - so we plan to carry back some of what we find if it doesn't belong here.

It means that we PARTICIPATE in the group clean ups held by Black Rock City, and plan to devote time to share our bodies, our fingers, our eyes, our gloves and our garbage bags with the Earth Guardians who ask for our help in cleaning. Check out the links for volunteering BEFORE HAND with one of the Earth Guardian clean-up MOOP crews. When you sign up before hand, it helps the EG coordinator feel support - isn't it nice when YOU get people to sign up early on YOUR lists?

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-- cynthia (, June 19, 2002


I've proposed that we combine the Grey Water Station and the Well in our central tribal ring with the Community Clean-up Area - this will include group dish washing after potlucks, recycling, MOOP check in, MOOP Gift area, etc.

I'm hoping that people who wanted to do a Community Kitchen (but were disappointed that we're going individual on this) will satisfy their energy for helping us commune by managing the serving AREA in the LNT style. Katrina's been motivating on this...perhaps others will contact here.

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-- cynthia (, June 24, 2002.

Hey amber.

Does that mean cleanlessness is next to godlessness?

-- cynthia (, June 21, 2002.

I think that we can greatly reduce MOOP by bringing all of our food stuffs in tuperware. Things like crackers and cereal can easily be put into these containers so we are leaving all the crappy packaging at home.

As far as other peoples MOOP "OPM" We should have a MOOP scavanger hunt- or other games. We can give heart wave prizes or something to the winners. We can also have multiple winners. Anyone who finishes the scavanger hunt. So we don't end up with everyones trash we can say that it has to be from the playa and not from other peoples camps.

Maybe we can also put together a travling moop act so we can inspire others to clean up after themselves.

you know they say cleanliness is next to godliness

Amber and Jesse

-- Amber And Jesse (, June 20, 2002.

On the final day, we can all get in a line from shoulder to shoulder and walk our space out to find any last bit of moop that need to be taken from the playa. Seth's plan of having two 50 gallon drums to hold other peoples moop is a great idea. We will take care of our own trash and then have extra space for some of that trash that others have left....


-- dusty minch (, June 19, 2002.

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