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An article in the July/August edition of 'Africa' by Fr, Donal Dorr on 'The changing face of mission' has given me the urge to write again.

He writes " Just at the time when the Charismatic renewal was having a powerful influence on many of our missionaries there was a parallel renewal in the Ignatian (Jesuit) spirituality in which we had all been trained. One might think that the quiet and restrained Ignatian Spirituality is very different from the rather exuberant spirituality of the Charismatic Renewal, but what they have in common is an emphasis on the experiental aspect of our faith, that is, on the crutial importance of affectivity or Spiritual feelings.

Since that time many of our members have done specialised training as spiritual directors, following the Ignatian tradition. This has opened up for us a very important ministry. Several of our members have taken up this ministry on a fultime basis, working as retreat-directors or in seminaries and houses of formation. Others have enriched their regular pastoral work-- and their own spiritual lives-- by paying more attention to their role of giving spiritual guidence, with the emphasis on discernment through religious experience"..

The fact that Von Balthasar's 'Christian Meditation' is also based on Ignatian spirituality has made me realise that this is my way of praying-- at least I think it is-- So I would like to pursue this, and do a course , or train in it if such is available to a lay-grannie. If anybody checks in here and has any information, or is interested in this please let me know.


-- Anonymous, June 18, 2002


Rita, It's great to see your contribution. Just immediately I want to say to you that there is a training which you might be interested in. I did it in the early ninties and while I don't work at it formally I practice it in many of my interactions with people. It is the training to be a soul companion an 'Animchara'(I may not have spelled that correctly) It is based on the Ignation Spirituality. I have a soul companion to whom I go on a regular basis and she has been incredibly helpful to me in looking at where God is in the various happenings of my ordinary life.

I will get you more information if you are interested. You have opened up another subject here too. The question of how the Holy spirit works in us and how we know and feel that, because we do know and feel if we are tuned in. Blessings Anne Marie

-- Anonymous, June 19, 2002

Thank you for your prompt response Anne Marie. Yes I am interested in the course you mention.Is it a long course, where is it held, Is there a contact no. I can phone.? A lot of questions- whatever information you have I shall be grateful for.

Also I have read your book on Adrienne V.S. If you would like it back immediately I can leave it at the main door of the Priory. Or hold it until the Autumn, or post it ,whichever you prefer. I hope you are enjoying the long wet summer. God Bless .Rita..

-- Anonymous, June 21, 2002

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