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Well, this ain't the formal analysis thread, but it's something shorter to start catching the First Notes I want to put in the Garden. I'll be using this thread a bit, and don't want to have to wade through my long intro every time (gosh, I talk a lot....)

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-- Anonymous, June 18, 2002


Last night's class at Prototista (the last of this particular sequence) gave me some real insight into some of the cultural dilemmas I want my characters to embody.

We discussed Anastomosis and Structural Coupling, as well as the cognitive processes and their relevance to evolution and, in research this am, stumbled across some sites to further stimulate connections:

1. The 130 Causes of Form contains references to a Anastomosis (and is a GREAT introduction to Patrick Gunkel).

Anastomosis (known as "somatic fusion" - horizontal gene transfer) - as Alder describes it, anastomosis is related to structural coupling. Anastomosis is barely touched upon in web resources, outside of the context of strict medical/biological and anatomical references. It's not treated prominently as a pregnant philosophical term.

Stephen Gould's Paper on the Spiral Dynamics Web Site references Topology and the "Mechanisms of Inheritance" as "motors of cultural rapidity and directionality."

2. The emerging branch of Patrick Gunkel's ideas in Ideonomy contains a large number of terms that could lay down the "organ system" of the story.

Gunkel's actually pretty interesting. I've added a thread for Gunkel's description of how he takes on a talk to introduce his science of Ideonomy.

I started a WIKI this morning at Seed Wiki.

ChasingSpring Wiki

It's crashing my computer, so I'm going to have to play gently til I get all the settings right, but I'm going to use it to further the development of terms, and simply link it here. So far, debug seems to relate to Java errors, so I'll mess around with these later - just gotta remember the ole' Henklein Command S at ALL TIMES...

An idea I don't want to lose this morning (so better mention it before my tangents overwhelm me AGAIN) is that the structural coupling related to PERCEPTION does tend to select for form based on its scope of perceiving. This means that altering the means of perception alters the means of form.

Since there's an interactive and recursive loop between the organism that perceives and the system it's perceiving, the APPLIED maturation of this understanding could lead to a different approaches in re-forestation, re-systemization, and the generative modulation of niches to ACCOMMODATE and INCORPORATE and COMPLEX biota into flexible pools of symbiotes anxious to support key common missions, like the storage of water in form, the efficient transfer of elements across soil ranges, the transfer of genetic information through systems (both emergent and evergent), among others.

gotta stop...end of time...


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-- Anonymous, June 18, 2002

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