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first i want to, say thank u 4 visiting my home page, welcome 2 this world of a mega special human imdividual person i call “me”, please leave a messege 2 say [HI]!!!

right now i feel kinda down due 2, things i dont really wanna talk about just now, only my fuckin stepmother PISSES ME OFF with her, like totaly un reasonal behavour & actions!!!

also, have u ever, like its raininng outside & u feel like no hope your, just waitingg 4 death & u crawl under your bed & theres dust & stuff & old copies of Satanic Seventeen & everything & what do u find?? your kid brother’s SEVERED HEAD AGAIN!!!!!!! like he KNOWS hes not alowed in my room but he still keeps comin in & getting deccappatated its, like hes psyhco logic illy WARPED he drives me KRAZZZY!!!!

yeah plus also another thing my dad, it was bad enouhgh in his orange lycra phaze but, now its gauzy tutu & balley pumps can you beleif it?? time magazine last week calld him “NEW MARGO FONTAYN” he does par-der-der with adam cooper u wouldnt belief what i have 2 go thruogh at school but, he just, smokes his pipe & chuckles & says kids always tease eachh othr while i pull stanley knife out of throat wounds!!

anyway i dont wanna depress anyone, i mean i really make an effort by like wearing black & doin goth makeup & having toungue peircings & cutting my elbows & settin fire 2 my room & stuff but no one fuckin cares they, just like refuse 2 cheer up!!!!!!

so, anwyay just say hi, i so hate it when peoeple visit this page & don’t leave a messege, its, not like im asking a big thing, just like say hello 2 this pissed off lonely person right here, i mean just, think 4 one moment about this other persons needs, cuz if u dont wanna like do like this incredably tiny thing 4 me then SCREW U!! I MEAN IT!!!! SCREW U U PIECE OF SHIT!!!!!!!!!

-- Rex (, June 18, 2002

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