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Can anyone point me to source of the followind "quote"??

During the recent 3 yr long CA sesquicentennial around 1999 I heard an interview on PBS or KQED or somewhere, wherein the interviewee mentioned that Karl Marx had once said something like: "The event of the Gold Rush caused San Francico to become a site for the greatest assembly of mixed people from as many countries, races, and classes of people as had ever assembled on the face of the earth"

I have all but given up. I am aware of Marx's comments calling it a ruse to distract the labor movement in Paris when the government there offered to assist members with transport and money to go to California. ITS NOT PART OF THAT ONE that I can tell.

-- Richard Everett (, June 17, 2002


Have you checked here?

-- Rosa (, June 18, 2002.

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