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I am curious to know where San Francisco's Children's Hospital was located circa 1934? My mother was born there and my mother's family lived on 18th Ave near Stern Grove. Thank you.

-- Kathryn Bolt (, June 16, 2002


Right about where it is today. It has been in the 3700 block of California since 1885.

-- Kurt Iversen (, June 17, 2002.

Kurt Iverson is absolutely correct. Or atleast that was correct in 1925 as that is where I was born. I was born in the old building which has been replaced by the more modern structure now standing. My brother also was born in the old building, but a couple of years later. The doctor that helped bring us into the world was Dr. Mary Glover, a real pioneer woman doctor.


-- Frank Grant (, September 22, 2002.

The younger brother adds that the San Francisco Public Library web site containing large numbers of San Francisco photographs includes several of Children's Hospital, both interior and exterior from as early as 1935.

Also, when I was born there the family was living on Twentieth Avenue near Stern Grove.

-- Charles Grant (, September 22, 2002.

But before it was Children's Hospital, it was Habnemann Hospital, which was destroyed in the earthquale of 1906.

-- John Douglas (, March 25, 2004.

John: Hahnemann Hospital, founded as a homeopathic institution in the late 1800s, renamed itself Marshal Hale Hospital after a benefactor in 1974 and, plagued by low utilization, was absorbed by its next door neighbor, Children's Hospital, now part of CPMC. My grandmother had radical eye surgery at Children's Hospital in 1904.

Children's Hospital, California and Cherry streets (1964)

Hahnemann Hospital, California and Maple streets (1964)

-- strange (, March 25, 2004.

Hahnemann Hospital started as a homeopathic medical college in 1884. The hospital was located across the street from Children's hospital was used for clinical instruction by the students.

-- will (, March 26, 2004.

Children's Hospital of San Francisco began as the Pacific Dispensary for Women and Children in 1875, founded by Charlotte Blake Brown and a female board of directors. It moved around town until 1886 when it moved into buildings built on land donated by Nathaniel Gray at California and Maple. It absorbed Hahnemann Homeopathic Medical College on Sacramento Street in 1922. In 1934, Children's was there at California/Maple. Most of the staff consisted of women doctors at that time and it still had an all-female board of directors.

-- Barbara Fisher (, April 17, 2004.

I'm doing some genealogical research for a friend -- He was born at Children's Hospital SF in 1964 and then adopted. Any idea if the hospital would still have records of the birth/the adoption? He has just had his second child, and would love to get medical info on his biological parents. His adoptive parents are all for it -- but there is no info on the biological parents except for paperwork from the first interview at the adoption agency. The biological parents were students at CCSF at the time.

Any ideas on how to solve this mystery?


-- E. McDonald (, February 22, 2005.

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