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The Bible describes us as members of Christ's body, each having a different function, each important, and each under the authority of the head, Jesus Christ.

As one who is under Christ's authority we are to obey His every command. In a healthy body the head, or brain, commands the feet and legs to walk, and they do. The head commands the eyes to look left or right and they do. If they don't there is sickness or injury that must be treated until that disfunctional part is brought back under the authority of the head.

God communicates His will to us by issuing commands. The body knows to take a deep breath or lift an object because it has received a specific command from the head to do so. Unfortunately many Christians stop at this level.

I've been reading Watchman Nee lately, the great Chinese Christian teacher. He points out that the vast majority of activities that go on in a body happen unconsciously. Our fingers move, our heart beats, our lungs breathe, most of the time without a thought. It is the will of the head that these things happen, and the body knows this. It automatically acts in accordance with the will of the head without a direct command.

How many Christians are so in tune with the will of God that they move in harmony with His will without specific commands? This is the highest level of submission to Christ's authority, and it's the highest level of walking in the Spirit. Know the will of the Lord...automatically!

-- Anonymous, June 16, 2002

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