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June 16th, 2002

I think this is a very good day.

Let me look just a bit for you, ok? Not in that old way, that would steal the last moments of a life and spread the story of its instinctual trajectory - tied into a pattern of entrail or spatter of blood - out on a table, or floating in stew, to chart the course of where it would have gone if it could have lived long enough to go there...

Nope - just the good old fashioned "seeing" with a mind that's tuned, that you know somehow knows a part of you - a mind that wants the best for you, and of you, and sees just that simple hope and wish as something of a gift for you.

I look around at the tools at hand - really simple, nowadays, for I don't play too much at divining any more - not that I ever did, but you know how these things are. Portents in every breeze, and all that sort of thing. My Stella Naturae Biodynamic Calendar has quotes:


Good ideas.

The moon sits exactly at its halfway point, on the way to becoming full. What a good thing to notice, this place of increasing abundance. You shift your load, and prepare yourself wisely for the rest of the walk. You will succeed. In this moment, you get to see all of your walks, all of your roads, as at this half-full, becoming full, place.

I've always loved this moon - oh, I love them ALL - and I love this quality of this particular moon, because this is the one that approaches Fullness. This is the time when you get to remember and KNOW you're on the winning road. This is the moment that you get to see clearly the road in front of you, each night's light increasing and well past the first quarter's hopeful wandering.

It is the best vantage point, the one from which you can map all the pitfalls that lie between you and the top. It's the place to stop (briefly) and contemplate a moment (deeply) the terrain that you're on, and study your maps. Make changes. Note things that must be moved ON THE MAP and take the time to change them.

Don't neglect to see the land in front of you just because it's not on the map. You always have some form of a map. You don't always have the vantage point of this halfway hill that lets you see ahead. Maps are for the times when you can't see as well as you can right now.

The HalfWay Moon marks the start of the time for getting very good work done. It promises nights and nights on end of increasing visibility, and a lot of territory can and should be covered quickly. The shadows are darker, and deeper, but ignore them (for there are other, better times to study shadow) - all the more reason to stride firmly on with the work of your goal. Once you've studied the territory, there's no longer need to move slowly. It serves no purpose here.

You can see as many periods from this point as you like. Stare from your vantage point across ridge after ridge of mountains you can name, to some farthest point away that you can still name. Call it Burning Man, and the ridges between are your weeks, and the valleys your days. Call it all of the whole of Burning Man, and the ridges each year that you're there, with their canyons (some box, some tight, some leading to springs) are the months that you wander or play in, filled with the living in the sheltered deep Niche of it All.

Or let each ridge be a life - and stop for a moment at this peak of the Half and notice that series of life after life after life; in this life OR many, the point of the view is the same - and the place up ahead that you'll reach when this long moon is full (and now you *MUST* have wings) is that bright place that's always more light than dark, less seen than felt, less felt than known, and less known than "just" deeply believed in.

The HalfWay Moon is a halfway point on the road of forever. A center. A good place to notice, to welcome, to be.

Happy Birthday, Daniel. |0||0| -> ||||0|

: : :: : : : :

-- Anonymous, June 16, 2002


Thanks. :)

-- Anonymous, June 16, 2002

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