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1 Not suspecting.

Happy alone

Lying quietly, feeling


unrealized potential

I thought I was whole

unreminded of an

empty longing

place within

Did I want to know then?

Not an inkling

unaware and happy

almost smug,


Loving myself and the ways

I’d found

and been shown

Like a flat green field of grass

Living in the breeze

The wind’s desolation

had passed over

and now, fed


blasted clean

and pure

Still Unaware, unrealized, untapped how was I to know?

Sleeping, I didn’t know your face then.

2 Consciousness was being

round, whole and full

like a fisheye mirror

a circular track

blue sky

green grass

soft wind Looking up

Lying on my back

Folding and gently dissolving

Into itself

at the edges

Feathered edges

like wings

Like a bird


and looking out

at the world

born up gently

and moving forward

as I stretch out

to embrace

the air

the sky

the world

with senses so full

marvels so many

to see

and daily

The currents and

powerful mysteries

bore me up


allowed me to forget

that my

nest was bare

empty and desolate

Sometimes I remembered the soft breeze

can turn harsh

and cold


but I stayed warm inside



my consciouness and being round, whole and full



and self-contained

like an egg

smooth, round and beautiful

becoming itself,


Not suspecting.

III The longest night

of the year came

it was dark

but warm inside

Friends had gathered

in a game


and fragrant trees

consumed in fire

as fluid fruit

and water and

blood flowed

within and without

Mists, hazes, hilarity

time stopped

In honor

And in remembrance

all of us,

waiting for the sun

The first intimations

of light

and hope,

and the birth of a new year

for us

with unspoken hopes within

to realize

this birth inside

of a

new way

unspoken and unknown

unborn and so unwished for

Like a spark

a forgotten dream

the wisp of a floating feather


against the anticipated glare

of newborn sun

We squinted

and I saw

across a circle


dark and light

shining, soft


the mists and hazes

an unforgetable


wrapped up in warmth

within my home

and yet

too far to reach then


the company of another.

4 Then it was a night


no night graced by

special fluctuations

of the stars

or the return

of any honored

cosmic orb

but still a night,

within which

did my heart and mind

reach out


draw back in

arrythmic living palpitations

Consciousness was round,

whole, full and

too self-confident

hen trembling



fisheye mirror

quicksilver’s cracked

and flaked

reflection’s failed

and from the other side

some different images

could now intrude

the eggshell thinned

and I could feel

a scratching

And then surprise

your face

appeared again

I saw you close and clear

and found

that I might know you

There was a rumbling,




a trembling quaking

granite turns to sand

I’m scared

I saw your face and form

and was reminded


in images long dormant


thoughs long unconceived

of an empty nest


winds so cold

and desolate


stripped my feathers

bare and ragged

through fantasies

of flight

but I stayed warm inside.

In fact I burned.

This bird’s to be a Phoenix, then

consumed to ashes

and reborn in flames

screaming through the


with renewing strength

I cry in Love,

I fly

and burst the bonds

of predetermined worlds

in sweeping strokes

and thrusts

and cracked the cosmic egg.

Look out

new world

I Love You.

-- Anonymous, June 15, 2002

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