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Hello. I stopped by my local dealership and the owner said he has access to 5 new Sennas and will sell at MSRP. Here's their phone and website and asked for Greg, the owner:


And for the Ducati fans here, Cyclemoto (Greg, actually) said that the "999" model may be introduced next year. He said he should get more info about it in September.

BTW, Andy, it was great seeing you again. I'm hoping to swing by Tucson in a few weeks! I'll give you a call. Hope the ride back was okay. :)

-- Allan Gibbs (, June 15, 2002


The ride back sucked! Of course, the ride up there sucked too... This bike was just not meant for long distance riding. Maybe if I get my ass into better shape it will be better, but sheesh, I really had a tough time. I was squirming all over trying to get comfortable. And then the heat... Well, I'm from the desert so I shouldn't complain about that but I do every summer. It's to freakin hot to ride anyway...

Ok, enough of all that!

It would be cool if you could make it down here. The Mt. Lemmon ride is pretty neat. Lots of good corners on nice asphalt. And the scenery is pretty good, the part that didn't burn down anyway...

-- Andy Ruhl (, June 17, 2002.

I've made several L.A. to Phoenix trips over the past few years and here are a few tips:

1) Drive when it's cold. It will take longer from you to crap; 2) Alternative weight between wrist, and back, and eventually foot pegs. 3) Focus past the pain. 4) Plan on the trip taking an extra couple of minutes and take breaks before you feel you need to.

Yes, I'm serious about this. Distance driving on a sport bike, like an MV or Ducati 996/748, are more like mental marathons. When I do the L.A. to Phoenix (and vise versa) drives, I normally do it at night bewteen late fall to early spring. However, last year, I did the drive on the 2000 MV around 12 noon while it was 105 degrees...and it was a long (but fun) trip. I think #3 is the bigest factor.

Why go through all the punishment? Well, sports touring on the MV is fun in a sadistic sort of way, and on the open road, I can excersise the bike's power. Heck, if I want comfort, I'd take a plane!!!

On the other note, I need to go some canyon riding. Some guy made fun of my tires because I still have the little feeler on them!

-- Allan Gibbs (Phoenix, Arizona) (Agibbs996@aol.coma), June 17, 2002.

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