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When converting *avi to *mpeg with TMPGEnc I did this:

Video – Stream type MPEG-2

Size 352x288 Aspect ratio 4:3 Display Frame rate 25 fps

Rate control mode Constant bitrate (CBR) Bitrate 1150 kbit/sec VBV buffer size 0 (Automatic) Profile and level Main Profile & Main Level Video format PAL YUV format 4:2:0 DC coefficient precision 8 bits Motion search accuracy High quality

Audio –

Stream type MPEG-1 Audio Layer II

Sampling frequency 44100 Hz Channel mode Stereo Bit rate 224 kbit/s

System –

Stream type MPEG-2 Super Video CD (VBR)

Advanced – Video source type Non-Interlaced

Field order Even field first Source Aspect Ratio 4:3 625 line (PAL) Image positioning method Fit to frame (preserve aspect ratio)


So my point being:

It all works swell, when I play it on my computer, BUT-when I try to play it on my -stand alone- DVD player (X-wave)I get nothing.!? X-wave is capably of playing VCD’s ( I know ‘cause I have a couple of those-obviously- done by someone else ).

When I compare properties of the one’s that work with the one of mine, the only difference (as far as I can see !?) is that, the good once are *DAT files and mine are *MPG.


Please !

-- Titmity Dalton (me_and_fedor@yahoo.com), June 15, 2002


I know this sounds cheap but i use avi2vcd program.

i tried TMPGEnc but my comp or myself couldnt didn't understand it.

I thought you knew about avi2vcd since you mentioned it above. it's a one step converter. sure there are no extras in it. But it's not all over for TMPGEnc i still use it to cut or combine different mpegs. Now i'm interested in making Super VCD but they're not as friendly.

-- dan (bonl1@cs.com), June 15, 2002.

You are mix-matching two related, but different formats here. One is VCD, which is EXCLUSIVELY MPEG-1 CBR, 352x288. The other is SVCD, which is MPEG-2 CBR or VBR, 480x576. Those resolutions are FIXED for either format, which means you CAN'T have a hybrid like yours here MPEG-2 at 352x288, which is neither VCD because of MPEG-2 nor SVCD because of 352x288. It behooves u 2 read all u can about the STANDARDS concerning these formats first and create S/VCDs that stick to the rules and play on stand-alones before trying other combinations so many love, like XVCD, XSVCD, yadda-yadda. To help u in fact, TMPGenc has a LOAD button that will lead u 2 templates. These r presets intended for beginners to encode with the proper S/VCD characteristics right away, without having 2 worry about tweaking this or that parameter. Did u try this? Lastly, if it's SVCD you're after there r DVD players that won't accept the SVCD standard where the compliant tracks are in the MPEG2 directory; they still expect the MPEGAV of conventional VCD; there are choices in Nero to accomodate both and u should experiment but I doubt if this is your problem.

-- Mehmet Tekdemir (turk690@yahoo.com), June 16, 2002.

maybe your dvd player can't read SVCD, download the last TMPGEnc, this have a wizard that can help you to make VCD, SVCD, DVD

sorry for my english

-- juan reyes (jpreyess@hotmail.com), June 19, 2002.

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