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Next weekend, over the Solstice as usual, MREA (Midwest Regional Energy Association) will be having their annual energy fair. June 21st - June 23rd, Friday-Sunday. Their website is if you want more information. I'm planning to go.

This year, the fair will be at Custer, at the location of the Association's headquarters I believe. Previously, the fair was held in Amherst at the Portage County Fair Grounds.

-- Anonymous, June 15, 2002


Joy have you seen those little electric "GEM" Around town cars? I've seen about 4 so far. Boy do they look weird next to those MONSTER SUV's. When I see one I make sure I thank the driver for caring enough to buy one. Its a start.....Kirk

-- Anonymous, June 16, 2002

No, Kirk, I haven't. But they might be at the Energy Fair. Unfortunately it is beginning to look as though I won't be able to go for more than one day, if that. I see that there will be a Prius on display there this year, according to the program anywya.

-- Anonymous, June 17, 2002

Did anyone make it to the energy fair? I talked to someone today who was there and they said the whole thing was practically a bust cuz they got rained out. Like nine inches! And they had a power outage! At the energy fair! :)

-- Anonymous, July 12, 2002

I didn't go at all. I don't remember the weather for sure, but I do think it was raining then. Guess I should be GLAD I didn't go . . . .

-- Anonymous, July 12, 2002

I'd burn more gas going to the midwest than I do all year here out in the sticks!

What's a GEM car?? Sounds interesting. I'm interested in one of the little NEV cars (neighborhood electric vehicles, I think), but not until they have enough range for me to get to town and back, over the mountain pass...

For those who live on fairly flat ground, and/or in town, they are the cat's meow, imo. They typically have a range of 50-75 miles, and don't go real fast, but according to the EPA, 80+ percent of the "average" families' driving takes place within the range of the NEVs. The idea being to use your big gas hog when necessary to travel long distances, but use the "clean" (and VERY cheap to operate, apparently) NEV for your daily putzing around to the market and whatnot.

-- Anonymous, July 13, 2002

I didn't know what a GEM was either, JOJ, so I looked it up on Google (love that site!). GEM = Global Electric Motorcar. Here is an article I read to find out about it: JUNE/AddIndFosterElecVehicleJun21.htm

There are more articles too, but that one seemed to sum it up pretty well. One of my gripes about any of these "alternative" transportation blurbs is that they never say anything about winter weather -- not just snow and ice on the roadways (or sidewalks?), but temperature controls inside. I think their performance in such conditions should be detailed as well.

Did all of you see the Segway? It was code named Ginger before introduction, for Ginger Rogers, who did everything Fred Astaire did, and did it all backwards.,8599,186660,00.html

-- Anonymous, July 13, 2002

Thanks for the link about the Segway, Joy. Like you said, sounds like a bunch of Californians forgetting that most of the world actually has WEATHER to contend with! Even frequently rainy areas would be no fun unprotected, much less our climate here. Motorcycles are popular here, but our season for riding them is very short. Kinda weird, that scooter thing.

-- Anonymous, July 13, 2002

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