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Oh yes. No kids. Allllll alone. And all I have to do is milk, feed, pull fence, worm, trim feet, mulch, weed....*sigh*, never mind all that now! After an hour or so I'm free...hmmmmmm, "what evah shall I du with maself?" (She sez in a most southun belle drawl)

....prolly watch a movie, I'm so boring. I should go do something exiting...but what? Soooooo, what's everyone up to? Any good movie suggestions?

(If you are reading this, yes, you too are pathetic! lol)

-- Patty (, June 14, 2002


I, too, am pathetic. I've been out in the messy world all day, and I'm tired. I was going to watch my new movie, Blackhawk Down tonight, but think I'll read instead, and save it for when I'm less drained.

Some of my cows escaped today. Into the neighbor's cornfield. Felt like shooting a dozen little black butts. I just turned then into the new pasture yesterday, and now they have eaten or tramped their way through quite a few rows of corn instead of that fresh green grass. Damn! Every single time I go somewhere it is like the "kids" know it and try to figure out the most trouble they can cause! !

-- Granny Hen (cluckin, June 14, 2002.

Well, Patty, I'm reading this so I guess I should consider myself "pathetic" :-)!! Pathetically OLD...that's what I am!! 9:30 p.m. and hubby has retired for the evening, but I'm wide awake.

If you have the whole weekend stretching out before should take advantage of it. Even though you have your regular chores to do, just knowing that you wont have to answer to anyone else (two-legged creatures) or take care of anyone else is a vacation in itself!! Make sure the answering machine is turned on and just veg out! Enjoy being with YOURSELF!! Have fun :-)!!!

-- Marcia (, June 14, 2002.

Ohhhh Granny, I know all to well what that is like. That post you made about planting an orchard every year, had me giggling. you think I can ever have a rose covered cottage and goats at the same time? I've never heard of that movie.....any good?

Marcia, (that's a pretty name, I meant to tell you, I also have another friend Marcia, she lives in Canada) Relax??!! Oh poo! Relax- shmelax. I'm alllllways my 'ol boring self. *pout pout* Maaaaaybe, I'll go on.....a mission. Cue 007 music please....Hmmmm, where is that black jumpsuit?

-- Patty (, June 14, 2002.

Oh yeah, (she says while hopping around clumsily on one leg while trying to don aforementioned goth-wear)Grannie, whatcha readin'? I'm gonna go to the library, need a good book. Anyone?

A friend suggested Hemmingways last book last time and I must say, it errrrrum, sucked. 'Scuse the language.

-- Patty (, June 14, 2002. well I remember those days when my cows would escape!!! And they'd always head for the neighbor's gardens...even though we have 95 acres of woods and fields right here! Why do you suppose they do that?? My goats, on the other hand, are sooo boring! When I shut them outside on a good day, they just stand around and "whine" trying to get back into the barn.

Thanks, Patty. With my name I get tired of telling some folks that it's spelled with a CIA and not SHA!! You should do whatever is YOUR most favorite thing to do this weekend :-)! Maybe just take off and go for a long drive.

-- Marcia (, June 14, 2002.

Guess i'll be lounging at home tonite. Had to bail on the dart throw because of the antibiotics for the infection from the fire ant bites (they make me tired and no booze allowed :>)

-- Jay Blair in N. AL (, June 14, 2002.

Fire ants....yuck!! Did they get ya really bad, Jay?? I heard on the news once that an older lady in a Florida nursing home died from fire ant bites. We don't have them here, but we do have species of small red ants that give a pretty good bite!!

-- Marcia (, June 14, 2002.

ok.....I have a confession to make, I thought it was pronounced, Mar- cee-a. I read your post, and DUH!!! I mean, not that Mar-sha, I mean Marcia, isn't a really pretty name.. (**beeep beeep**, edit button engaging, forward message....shut up Patty!, shut up!, foot in mouth!)...because it is, come to think of it I don't know anyone else by that name except of course (WARNING WARNING! SHUT UP!!!).....*sigh*.....on the Brady Bunch....

um, I hope you don't hate me now Marcia...

I'm an idiot. But you know, it's like my daughter who is 19. She realized not 6 months ago, it was "cup-cake", not "cub-cake"! :-D

Oh, and Jay! Poor baby!!! We don't have those here either. Hope you feel better!

Favorite thing?....I, well, I.......uh oh, I'm totally not making "that" mistake again tonight. Seems that edit button just needed a swift kick! A drive sounds lovely!!!

-- Patty (, June 14, 2002.

Patty...Patty...Patty :-)!! No offense taken here. Now take your foot out of your mouth and go have fun!

-- Marcia (, June 14, 2002.

:) Thanx Marcia! Ooooooo.K. I'll go have fun! After all, I'm all dressed up! Black is so slimming, don't you agree?

Now to decide, firefly capture.....orrrrr......

Sweetest of dreams y'all. :)

-- Patty (, June 14, 2002.

yea Marcia,

They got me bad. Monday i was replacing sideplanks in the BISF and ran my hand into the queen chamber behind the plank. I counted 117 bites on my hand and forearm. I was worthless as chicken crap on a pump handle around here for two days. Now I'll be drugged out for another six days. Least the itchings gone now, but those little scabs are aggrivating :>)

-- Jay Blair in N. AL (, June 14, 2002.

Lets see this weekend, what have I got going? Hmmmmm! Last night (Friday) I picked up oldest son from the University, he is in the Upward Bound program for the summer, he is home for the weekend. We then had to drive south two hours one way to deliver youngest son to his father, he is there for a long weekend. Oldest son and I along with a friend of his and his mother, a friend of mine, are going to go to see Wind Talkers tonight. We have a little theater here that shows first run movies for $2.50. I can't wait to see this movie.

Other than that I need to work on fencing, dumb Llama just can't understand why he can't have the grass over there!

Horses escaped to the neighbors house the other day so I need to go fix that fence too. I hope I can go riding today! I should trim feet, clean coop, and barn, and stable. Oh yea, I also need to fix the mower deck. I wish I didn't need to sleep.

The day looks beautiful so far. We have had some really nice weather, sunny and 80's during the day and thunderstorms in the late afternoon/evening.

Oldest son goes back to the university Sunday and I have to drive the 4 hours round trip to pick up youngest son on Monday afternoon. That's my weekend.

-- Susan in MN (, June 15, 2002.

So far I spent the day outside. We're having a garage sale to get rid of some junk. Dug out a row of raspberries (75 feet), weeded most of one garden. Tonight I'm letting youngest pick out a movie and eat poocorn. Not sure what tommorrow will bring.

-- Sherry (, June 15, 2002.

How's your weekend going, Patty? Oh...and Sherry...exactly what is "poocorn"??? :-)!

-- Marcia (, June 16, 2002.

Thats called a brain fart, I ment POPCORN! :)

-- Sherry (, June 16, 2002.

Poo-corn, heh heh.

Oh, it's going fine, Marcia, how sweet of you to ask! :-) Didn't endulge in any earth shattering exitement. Actually haven't been very productive. I did build a free standing support for a porch swing out of landscape timbers. It's quite large!, lol. I should have just hunted around for an old swing set. Annyway, I'm an instant gratification person and the timbers were there, besides this looks much nicer(I think?). I'm thinking of adding a shade element to it by bolting 2 by 4's on both ends and artfully arranging smallish limbs (from that walnut I recently cut down) across the top, maybe growing something up on it. You don't suppose that walnut root (can't think of the name of it right now) secretion would be a problem, do ya? Naw. Probably not. Hope the whole thing looks ok. I'm going for IS that.

Oh, and I painted the paddock fence. Well, it's half done. Haven't started on the barn, *sigh*, I really wish that was done!! Oh, and the house....which I keep painting different colors because I get bored with it! It's two totally different color schemes right now! Yikes!!!! The back is very cabiny ( A rich dark Sienna with Evergreen trim), the front cottagy/ Victorian (dove grey with a darker grey and deep wine trim). I like the cottage look, but it really shows dirt. :(

-- Patty (, June 16, 2002.

Well, my weekend has been interesting. Did the kid exchange on Friday. Saturday oldestDS and I got fence fixed, disengaged the mower deck from the little tractor and moved the mower deck into the garage. We hooked on the trailer so I can run around the yard picking up junk and stuff. Got my peas planted, it is probably too late but maybe not. Nothing ventured nothing gained, right? Wormed horses. Worked on llama and goat fence again! Turned compost. Went to see the movie Windtalkers, good movie! The technecial picture stuff wasn't great but the story line was wonderful. If you go take kleenex! When I came out of the movie I had a flat tire, ugggg! My friend and her three teen aged sons and me and mine and none of us had ever changed a tire before. So I too the opprotunity to teach these strapping young men what to do. I had them do all the hard work and I showed them what I knew. My DS of course the forever the intellectual read the instructions. We got the doughnut on and drove home with my friedn following. I had to call and say I wasn't going to be able to do my Sunday paper route. I was very quietly praying that it wasn't anything major, these were new tires and I have no money to buy a new one.

This morning my DS and I went into town to the farm store. The guy who works in the garage has always been so helpful. He is sort of nice looking but more than anything he is really NICE. Well he took the tire figured out it was the valve stem, replace it put the tire on and wouldn't charge me anything. I think I need to make cookies and take them to him tomorrow. He also gave me advice on fixing the mower deck too! Showed me how to use a cresent wrench to bend metal, COOL! Now what couldn't I find a guy like this! He is probably married and I am sure way too young anyway! Oh well I can be nice in return and dream.

I took Ds back to the local university for his program. It is so funny he is 15 and the girls are all falling all over themselves. I sort of took another look at my son and smiled. He is damn good looking. He is about my hight or a little taller, so he is about 5'8" and thin but not scrawney. He really is a looker. The really funny thing is he truly doesn't have much interest in the girls. He has girls he is friends with but he absolutely hates the flirty girls. He is so into books and his studies. If a girl who was into being smart and could be his equal intelectually she would have it made with him, I think. As he grumbled about the girls and how he this one drives him nuts or that one is a real nasty person. I just reminded him that those may very well be but it doesn't give him permission to be rude to them or anyone else. I just got the eye roll!

Now I have a night and day to myself and then I go to get youngest DS tomorrow afternoon.

-- Susan in MN (, June 16, 2002.

Susan, Susan. Baking him something are we? heh heh. *wink wink*

-- Patty (, June 16, 2002.

Na Patty, I didn't bake him anything special. Made tollhouse cookies the other day so I have a half dozen to take to him today. I'll let you know how it goes, LOL. He deserves more, he really has helped me out every time I ask him. It is just a token of my appreciation!

-- Susan in Mn (, June 17, 2002. 'bout grape vines for your porch swing?? Then you can recline, swing and eat all at the same time :-)!!

-- Marcia (, June 18, 2002.

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