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Does anyone have any info on when the Sharpesburg, NC depot was in operation? And was it an ACL faciltiy or possibly a W&W facility? I have a good polariod that I shot of it in 1976; it of course had already been closed for MANY years. Just wondering want the original opening and closing dates(approx of course) were. Thanks, Raymond Smith

-- Raymond Smith (, June 14, 2002


Right (as usual) Tom. I can't find any reference to Sharpsburg in my ACL public timetable issued December 18, 1958. There is a rather curious entry in the Special Instructions section of Richmond Division Time Table No. 3 eff. Dec. 17, 1964--"SIGNAL STOPS-- No. 376 at Carson, Skippers, Pleasant Hill, Bricks, SHARPSBURG, Micro, Wade, Rex, and Hamer for passengers and U.S. Mail. Kinda makes one wonder if, for example, the salesman making calls in greater metropolitan Micro knew that rail passenger service was available. There's certainly no such information in the public timetable.

-- Harry Bundy (, June 20, 2002.

As a postscript, the Sharpesburg depot is reported to have been moved just west of Rocky Mount currently in use as a Mexican restaurant just a few blocks south of the Hampton Inn used by Society members for the R.M. meeting. BTW, the stainless passenger car adjoining the structure is an ex-New Haven grill car..."lightweight" on six-wheel trucks and weighing in around 77 tons!

-- Bob Venditti (, June 16, 2002.

As shown in ACL passenger timetables, Sharpsburg NC, on the ACL mainline south of Rocky Mount, was a stop for passenger trains from circa 1902 to circa 1941. It may have been in use for freight after 1941, but by that date the railroads were beginning to group several stations under one freight agent, in this case, probably Rocky Mount.

-- Tom Underwood (, June 15, 2002.

Raymond, According to my track profile,the station was sold in June of 1949.Evidently,there was a #10 Xover was just north of the main street Xing which was also removed in the same month and yr as well as 2 box cars which burned in September of 49.

-- V.L.Lewis (, June 14, 2002.

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