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I've had my '75 CB550 for about a year now - and it's been great! First a little history....It actually started life as a CB550k (standard 4 into 4 pipes and all) but, according to the last owner of 20yrs, was layed down in the late 70's and was then "turned into" a 550 SuperSport (monotone blue paint, aftermarket 4>1 headers/pipe). Now on to the question.... TIRES? I was looking at some Dunlop GT501's (if I am remembering the model right) as I want some more cornering grip, and the Conti's that are on now are probably 10+ yrs old and sorta dry roted. Now, can I fit a larger rear tire in there? when will it start interfering with the swingarm? I beleive the stocker is a 110/90, can I put a 120/90 or 130/80 (if there is such a thing)...

thanks, Chad

ps. awesome site by the way!!!!

-- Chad Nelson (Chad.Nelson@valleylab.com), June 13, 2002


Hi Chad, I run a 120 on mine and it works great.


-- Junkman Frankenbiker (everett@on.aibn.com), September 21, 2002.

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