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Diabetes is one of the diseases that hits the African-American population extremely hard. There are about 16 million diabetics in this country and at least 6 million more who are not diagnosed. (According to the American diabetes association) I am an insulin dependent diabetic. I have had diabetes for 38 years. Yahoo!! I am still here and active. 50,000 people a year have a foot amputated because of the disease and 25,000 of those people the amputation could have been prevented. This is a difficult disease on the body for it attacks the major organs of the body, it can cause blindness, stroke, heart attacks, kidney failure and amputations of the feet and or legs. Does diabetes mean the end of your life? NO!!! With God all things are possible and every day there are new advances in the treatment of Diabetes. Here are a couple of things to do if you can: 1.) Make an appointment with your doctor to get your blood sugars checked. To find out if you have diabetes or to find out how you are doing if you have already been diagnosed. 2.) If they say you have to be on a diet, there are many delicious foods you can have and stay on your diet, and you will love your new look. 3.) Being a diabetic does not mean you are abnormal all it means is that our bodies do not make a hormone called insulin or cannot properly use the insulin that our body is making. And yes you can have fun! I preach, travel, hike, compete in atlethic contests, go snowshoeing etc. I bring my monitor with me and my insulin. I find it really helps to have a buddy who has diabetes and if you can find one that is a Christian even better. Everyone on my Diabetic care team are Christians, doctors, diabetic manager, physical therapist, and pharmacist. I searched for them for my spiritual well being helps with the management of the disease. It is scary and isolating being diabetic so if you would like some support contact me privately by email or post your experiences with the disease on the board it may help others. In two weeks my daughter and I are volunteering at a Diabetic camp for kids with the disease ages 8-17. Most of our time will be listening to them and loving them. The kids come from Montana and Wyoming. I just found out that there is a 12 year old african american boy coming from Wyoming who is 80 pounds over weight and he is scared. I can't wait to meet him. Gladys knight, Pattie Labelle and B.B king are diabetics just to name a few. Please write me, I want to help if I can! God is good all the time

-- Anonymous, June 13, 2002


My mother was a diabetic, and insulin dependent for 30 years. She was 77 when she passed away. My mother took good care of herself, she watch her weight, her diet, excercised, etc. She was a very positive very strong women and she never felt sorry for herself. I dare not say she was spiritual, because she would make it plan. No I know the Lord as my personal savior,my redeemer, the glory and lifter of my head! Needlessly to say she passed her spirit of of giving on to me. And I too know the Lord! Our church is going to have a health awareness day on February 23, 2003. Rapha Deliverance Church of God in Christ in Detroit, Mi. We are collaborating with a number of assc and foundations. This will be open to the community. And the diabetes Association is on the top of the list. Be encourage!

-- Anonymous, December 17, 2002

Bridgette thanks for sharing about your mother she sounds like she was a wonderful woman. I can feel her spirit in you as you reach out to help others with this disease. Thank you for doing the health awareness day at your church in February. That is a wonderful undertaking. I too am an insulin dependent diabetic. We have a monthly potluck at our church and what is so wonderful is to see the healthy foods that people bring. There is never enough salad! We make turkeys, roasted chicken, steamed vegatables, squash, cheese, fruit and everything is delicious. No one brings cookies and cakes out of respect to me. (My congregation is so wonderful to me.

Bridgette please continue to post on the board and share how you are planning the health awareness day. It sounds like something other churches might want to do. Merry Christmas

-- Anonymous, December 17, 2002

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